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Looking for a Speaker?

Are you the person in your company, organization, association or group who is responsible for selecting speakers for meetings? If so, you know that finding quality speakers who can give a stimulating presentation that is appropriate to the audience and is not just a glorified “sales pitch” is a challenge. We can help you solve that problem. Invite us to do one of our unique presentations for your group! A qualified speaker will come to your meeting and deliver a dynamic, interactive presentation. Attendees will have a fun, stimulating, eye-opening experience and gain a tremendous value for their time.

We offer your group a talk on a very timely topic:

We have been working with associations, companies, groups and organizations for over 20 years. You can count on our professionalism, performance and reliability.

To schedule a presentation: contact our Event Planning Department at 949-234-0625 or 800-300-3036 (in CA only) or email the presentation coordinator. We will discuss with you the goals and objectives of your group and partner with you to make it a great event.

*Some restrictions may apply.

What Others Have Said:

The response to our events has been phenomenal! We thought you might enjoy reading some of the comments we’ve received from a few of the very satisfied companies and organizations we’ve presented to.

I think your presentation is incredible! I have been a Sales Representative for the last nine years. I have attended many training and motivational seminars and classes and I have heard the best of the best. I cannot even begin to express how pleased I was with the presentation that you gave. The clients that I work with have been equally impressed. The information that you give is definitely thought provoking. I found that I could relate it to my personal, as well as professional life. I highly recommend your company to anyone looking to provide stimulating educational experiences to their staff, co-workers or clients. Thank you again for a fascinating, immediately applicable presentation.”
Kathy G.
Chicago Title
Thank you for providing a guest speaker at our recent office meeting. I normally do not allow outside speakers at our meetings because I’ve found that most of them are nothing more than ‘sales pitches in disguise.’ However, I trusted that your presentation would be exactly what you told me it would be: a fun and unique opportunity for my agents to move closer to the results that I know they are capable of producing. Their response was fabulous! The feedback from the forty agents who attended was extremely positive. They felt that they received good value for their time. In fact, not only did they enjoy the meeting, almost half of the agents signed up for one of your courses. I have never seen agents respond so well.”
David K.
Century 21 All Service Realtors
El Cajon, California
Thank you for sending us an outstanding speaker to do a presentation for our Networking Group. He was excellent! We hear many speakers, and there are so few who are truly outstanding at what they do. He not only brings a tremendous amount of energy and passion to his presentation, he also delivers his material in a smooth and natural fashion without sounding canned or memorized. In my experience, this combination is hard to find. His interactions with the participants were spontaneous and insightful and the members of our group found tremendous value in the presentation. They left highly stimulated, having learned a lot, and they had fun in the process. I highly recommend Productive Learning to anyone looking for a high-quality presentation. Thank you again for providing a quality event and speaker.”
Gene S.
CMP, CPA, President
Western Management Associates
We very much appreciated having your guest speaker last month. His inspiring presentation was very beneficial to our group. In our business, we are faced daily with challenges that require great awareness and confidence. By changing the way we think, we can overcome those challenges and clarify our goals. His presentation was very inspiring. I will highly recommend him to anyone.”
Daniel E. D.
CFP, ChFC, Vice President,
AXA Advisors San Diego, CA

Presentation FAQ’s

What is an “Introductory Presentation”?

It is a “mini-workshop” offered to groups, organizations and businesses. It ranges from 30 to 60 minutes and is given throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.

How much selling goes on at these events?

A brief offer, which is a natural continuation of the material presented, is made at the conclusion of the event.

Who gives the presentations?

We have a specially trained Presentation Staff that facilitates these speaking engagements.

Who would benefit from booking a speaker from Productive Learning?

Any group comprised of individuals who are motivated to improve themselves in their business or personal lives will benefit.

How would you characterize the Presentations?

They are interactive, very stimulating, extremely innovative and a lot of fun! Participation is designed into the event so they are often lively and quite dynamic.

How do I schedule a Presentation for my group/association/company?

Contact our Event Planning Department at 949-234-0625 or 800-300-3036 (in CA only). We will partner with you to make your event engaging and valuable for the audience.

If you would like someone to contact you via email, click here and provide us with your contact information and your interest in a Presentation for your group.