Andy Shouse

Chief Operations Officer

Love is my measure of honor.

Hello, my name is Andy Shouse, Chief Operations Officer of Productive Learning. Cassie calls me the “backbone” of Productive Learning because I manage all our IT, the finances, and bookkeeping, the marketing team, the assisting program, as well as assisting workshops, taking workshops and lead presentations (on occasion).

My background is as diverse as my skill set. I worked as a network administrator for a high school, a help desk technician for Loma Linda Medical Center, a Construction Superintendent for a home building company, a founding partner and CFO of a remodeling firm and owner and general contractor of my own remodeling firm. That was when I discovered Productive Learning. After taking my first workshop I was hooked. Something woke up inside of me and I realized my true passion.

I love people. I had lied to myself for so long convinced that I was afraid of people but the Beyond Reasons workshop showed me just how insincere that thought was for me. The most amazing times in my life were when I was with people, sharing an extraordinary experience.

Once, in Florence, I was sitting in a square all by myself listening to a guitar player co-create absolute beauty with his instrument. I sat there alone and closed my eyes to absorb the sound. It was just the two of us for 20 minutes until others joined us in the square. Of course, no one knew one another but we were all connected. There seemed to be this understanding that we were all in the presence of true beauty. There was a deep and full silence in the crowd and yet so much was being communicated to us.

We, even if only for a moment, all understood we were apart of something bigger than ourselves. The sound of that guitar reminded us that we are closer to each other than we realize in our day-to-day lives.

As I reflect on that moment I am appreciative of everything that went into creating that experience. I feel grateful for everyone there and everyone who helped them get there. I feel appreciation for the musician and the musician’s teachers, guides, and influencers. I feel gratitude for the person who made the guitar, the Fiorentini that laid the stone in that square and for myself for seeing all that went into making that moment possible.

I am the guy behind the scenes at Productive Learning. I contribute in any way I can so that we can all come together and experience moments of profound connection with others and ourselves. I go sleep every night knowing that my work makes a difference directly and indirectly and that makes me feel tremendously satisfied with my efforts and activity.

Outside of Productive Learning, I am fulfilled by spending time with my wife Karen. We travel, attend music festivals and concerts and book signings. We hike, care for our cat, Kevin and explore our great big backyard of Orange County. I also love to surf and mountain bike. I am the President of my Toast Masters club and an improv enthusiast.

My work on myself is my greatest accomplishment because it has opened me up to all of the above. My extraordinary life is a reflection of my dedication to understanding myself and I am proud to contribute in any way to you getting to know yourself.

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