Achilles Heel

Identify and strengthen your weakest areas

This workshop is especially recommended for the following life stages:

Advancing Your Career Finding Your Career Overcoming Relationship Challenges

We all have a specific vulnerability that prevents us from achieving our best. It is natural to cover, protect, and avoid situations that expose our soft spot. In doing this, however, we limit our goals and suppress our growth. This workshop offers you the opportunity to manage and control the very things that keep you from accomplishing what you want most. It takes true courage and strength to openly acknowledge a weakness. Produce a sense of relief and discover new solutions and options by tackling this hurdle head on.

When you take “Achilles Heel”, you will learn how to:
With the insight of experienced trainers, you will learn how to:

Client Testimonials

This was a very beneficial class to pinpoint what triggers my extremely defensive behavior within relationships.
- Duane G., Consultant, San Diego, CA
Safe atmosphere, great experimental processes leading to logical steps in both thought and emotions have been combined to create a program that leads to revelations that are life altering.
- Teri H., Property Management, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Southern California:Aug 24-25, 2019
Northern California:Sep 28-29, 2019
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