Core Values

Identify your own personal code of honor and learn why it's so important to incorporate your values in daily life

Core Values helps you discover your own personal code of honor. This code guides you in your quest for a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Individuals who have not identified their core values run the risk of pursuing and attaining their dreams, only to find themselves disappointed. Adhering to our core values is essential if we are to set useful goals and make wise decisions.

CORE: the central or most essential part.
VALUES: the abstract concept of what is right and wrong.
SHOULDS: these are easily confused as values, and without investigation, could be misidentified as a value. There could be a strong stimulus to live this way, but it is not internal.
CONDITIONAL VALUES: these are values, but values that may be OK NOT to follow in some cases (Truth)
CORE VALUES: the central and most essential rules with which one must live; an essential determinant of one’s self-worth.

We also have a persona (the way you want the public to see you – your public face.) This is not necessarily tied to who you are. Your persona also has core values that can be in conflict with your “authentic” core values.

Core Values provided me with clarity on my core values. The course gave me the experience and knowledge that when I have my life in alignment with my values, it’s absolutely wonderful and exhilarating. I now also know what correction will bring me balance, peace of mind and joy! I strongly recommend this course to anyone really interested in an extraordinary life!
- Jean O., Salesperson, Vallejo, CA

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California:Aug 09-12, 2018
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