Dynamics of Money and Relationships

Our relationship dynamics are a key component to our happiness and success

This highly experiential workshop gives you a direct window into the thinking you bring to any relationship. It is about so much more than money! It is about your assumptions, your expectations, and the templates that were laid down for you that have determined what is and is not possible in your relationships with others. This workshop allows you to see where you have been limited and what else is available. Powerful!

When you take “Dynamics of Money and Relationships” with our trainers, you will learn how:
  • Dysfunctional and unconscious thinking affects relationships
  • You have built a “persona” around money in your relationship
  • You incorrectly use money to solve relationship problems
  • To create a new agreement that is in alignment with how you would like to show up
  • To build a strategy to implement your discoveries around your relationships and the dynamic role money plays

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Northern California:Aug 25-26, 2018
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Jul 7, 2017

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Jul 7, 2017

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