Identify where you are going in your life and why it is important for you to get there

All of us have experienced a time in our life when we felt vital and in touch with our own personal vision. Over time, our changing interests and needs (and those of the significant people in our life) pull us in different directions on our journey, clouding our ability to identify a sense of purpose. Our current situation reflects our success or failure at making choices that are congruent with our basic values.

We have found that the vast majority of people have never consciously identified what is most important to them. What do you want out of life? Why do you want that? “Mission” is an opportunity to remove yourself from the distractions of daily life and reflect on the “process.”

Successful businesses have found that creating a “Mission Statement” keeps management on track by identifying the purpose and goal of the company. This statement provides them with boundaries as to what is important and valuable to the company, as well as simplifying the process of setting policies and creating guidelines for employees. Similarly, as an individual with a purpose in life, gaining clarity and focus about the basis of your “mission” will enable you to answer questions like, “Why am I pursuing this career path?” or “Why am I feeling dissatisfied in this relationship?”

Client Testimonials

I came into the class very unclear and anxious about my life because I didn’t have any idea what my ‘guiding light’ might be. I fully enjoyed the activities and processes involved in discovering and articulating my mission. I now have peace of mind about how I’ll be living my life and look forward with a lot of enthusiasm to what is next.
- Sara B., Salesperson, Orange County, CA

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Oct 18, 2017

Your Very Own Taj Mahal

Every dream begins with a willingness and longing to disrupt the way it is now. It is typical that when tragedy strikes our emotions flare and we are motivated to take action to alleviate the pain and upset we see around us. This is a marvel of the empathetic human organism and we believe...

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Oct 1, 2017

A Dark Night of The Soul

  It’s been a season of extraordinary disasters. Hurricanes paired with massive earthquakes and wildfires have left a wake of death, destruction, and an unforeseeable future while racial and political divisions threaten our sense of safety. Many people are also going through personal catastrophes … job loss, death, another relationship failure. Between what’s on...

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Sep 18, 2017

Beyond The (Self-Created) B.S.

Sooo… how was Beyond Reasons? I loved it! Well… I loved-hated it. I took it as part of an onboarding process for becoming an employee for Productive Learning, and I have to tell you there were moments when I thought they were hazing the “new girl”, but by the end of the workshop I got it.

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Jul 7, 2017

Sweet Genes Are Made of This

Imagine if your DNA was so malleable that a mere cup of tea, daily meditation, or your never-ending traffic-heavy commute could change it. A study published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics showed that tea consumption in women leads to chemical changes in genes that are known to interact with cancer and estrogen metabolism. Another...

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