Productive Communication

Discover effective ways of communicating your thoughts and feelings

This workshop is especially recommended for the following life stages:

Advancing Your Career Getting Married Overcoming Relationship Challenges

Each day we are forced to improve ourselves to meet the demands of our own expectations as well as the expectations of those around us. The vital link between us and other people is communication. If we are unsuccessful with our communications, it is very likely that we will be unsuccessful with just about every other area of our life that involves people. Unfortunately, successfully articulating our thoughts and feelings is a challenging job. Add to that the challenge of comprehending others with empathy, and we can see why effective communication is not an easy task.

When you take “Productive Communication”, you will learn how to:
With the insight of experienced trainers, you will learn how to:

Client Testimonials

I came away with skills and an understanding of why my communications have been misunderstood in the past. I now have the know-how to take with me and to put into action to correct this. This makes my life more powerful and puts me at ease when sharing with others.
- Terry A., Alameda, CA
This course makes it easy to see where my communications falter. Now I recognize when I don’t communicate what I think I’m communicating, as well as understanding how to convey what I’d really like my message to be. I appreciate having new tools to work with and learning in a fun environment.
- Genie D., Executive Director, Los Gatos, CA

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Northern California:Oct 07-08, 2017
Southern California:Jul 21-22, 2018
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