Up Your Game

Put it all into play

This workshop is especially recommended for the following life stages:

Advancing Your Career Dealing with Aging and Death Overcoming Relationship Challenges Redefining Roles and the future

Do you ever look back on a situation that didn’t go well and think – “Oh man, I knew exactly what to do/say there. Why didn’t I do it?”

You have participated in workshops, you have read self-help books, and watched YouTube videos on personal development. You have invested time and energy into building self-awareness and strengthening your emotional intelligence. Maybe you are in your first year of this pursuit,   maybe you are in your 3rd or 4th decade of self-exploration.

No matter what or where you’ve learned about yourself, it’s safe to say that you have come across priceless knowledge, much of which you’ve utilized to create extraordinary things in your life…and we bet there’s a substantial amount of knowledge that you have attained but have yet to Put Into Play. You know it but haven’t integrated it into your life yet AND we bet there is an area in your life right now that could really use those insights.

As you know, when you take a lesson and use it effectively in your life you become an unstoppable force of intentional manifestations. You are the conscious creator of your greatest dreams. It’s a very empowering feeling! But what about the information you learned but haven’t implemented yet. Information comes at you like water from a fire hose, and you have only a small cup to catch it all! All the information coming your way is still extremely valuable but none of us can implement it all at once. Don’t let that valuable information stay in the background of your mind! Use it where you need it most!

Up Your GAME! Call forth what you already know and use it to serve you where you need it most now. Reignite the insights that moved you and strengthen that unstoppable force inside of you!

Up Your Game!

Tuition: $1795 (Lodging included based on double occupancy)

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Long Beach, CA:Jul 27-29, 2018
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