The 3 Keys to Transformation


Do you feel rushed, stressed, and constantly busy?  Are you having trouble turning off your thoughts? Or maybe you’re feeling disconnected to your bigger purpose?


At Productive Learning, we illuminate your blind spots so you can uncover what is keeping you from creating your extraordinary life.

Watch our FREE webinar on “The 3 Keys to Transformation” with Leisa Reid.

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About Leisa Reid:

I am a Speaker and Trainer at Productive Learning, where I bring their life-changing workshops out into the local Southern California community. Every year, I speak with hundreds of organizations and businesses about “Creating a Winning Mindset” and other topics related to cultivating a more productive and happier path forward. It’s incredibly rewarding to speak with people about the power of their mindset, individuals who may be experiencing personal development training for the first time in their lives.  I find great joy in watching those who begin to accept that they are not alone in their struggles – we’re all working through things, and we can do it together.