Adult Friendships – Texting, Calling and Taking Breaks

May 21, 2020

Adult friendships are hard! Making new friends, keeping old friendships going, and the changing dynamics as marriages and kids come into the picture. There are just so many things to have to navigate that as kids, we didn’t have to deal with!

In this episode, Cassie learns more about her resistance to texting and how she thinks it should be for logistics only… but then puts out a challenge to herself to get rid of that disgruntled feeling that seems to be a result of her delayed text responses. Alycia shares about rekindling an old friendship and what she had to face in order to reach back out… how did it go? Listen now to find out!

To learn more about the workshop Cassie and Alycia talk about, go to because we believe life is sweet and can always be celebrated! Cheers!

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