Are you enriching the lives of others?

Feb 5, 2014

Somehow we must enrich the lives of others.  We must add to the greater good more than we take. This is an individual responsibility but I believe that ultimately it is best achieved when we join hands with others and make it a group’s intent to do good, to serve and to heal.  In order to do this we must address the scarcity in our thinking.

It’s easy to give of your time when you’ve got lots of time.  It’s easy to give a dollar when you have a thousand.  It’s easy to give your love when you are filled with fillings of love.  But it takes a lot more faith to give when you yourself are feeling lacking.  Here in lies the challenge; to be willing to give of yourself something that you feel you are personally short of.  To contribute freely what took tremendous effort on your part to get.  This might be one of the greater tests of our faith and an insight into what we believe most strongly.

Individual scarcity leads to group scarcity just as an individual’s faith can inspire faith in others.  Collectively we create the society that we live in for better or for worse.  When it moves towards the worst of our human nature then it is up to us to resist the urge to join in and lower ourselves to a level that we disapprove and know doesn’t serve us in the end.  We fight back with the ultimate courage of a pacifist.  We don’t become what the pressures of the world are tempting us to become.

We can replenish ourselves through meditation, prayer and recreation.  There is infinite energy in the universe and it is our calling to channel that energy to a fruitful result.    I also believe it is important to follow our truth and to pursue living our life in alignment with our dreams and highest ideals.  We do this for ourselves and we do this in acknowledgement of the gift of choice, which we have been endowed with.

This sets up a possible paradox, how can we live to serve others and at the same time live to serve ourselves?

Herein lays the power of reciprocity.  When we receive we give, when we give we receive.  We must keep the flow open by always doing our part which means to receive graciously and with appreciation and gratitude and to be willing to give without reservation or fear of scarcity.  In fact, we often have to deal with a lot of resistance when it comes to giving.  But, if we don’t deal with that resistance than we will stop the natural flow and inevitably our own lives will cease to be enriched.