Celebrating Your Growth: Transformation Year Long

Oct 28, 2022

An incredible group of Conscious Community Members wrapped up the Transformation: Self-Management to Self-Mastery year long workshop this fall. They experienced massive growth and created their own deep transformative experiences. We are thrilled for them and excited to share their growth with you!

Check out the fun photos below. We can’t give away tooooo many details on what’s happening in the photos because there’s another cohort in the same program now, but you can FEEL the growth, admiration, and love in these photos, without a doubt!

We’re also highlighting some of the participants’ feedback – it was too inspiring and beautiful to keep to ourselves. Enjoy, friends!

Participants celebrate their growth with facilitator Betty Jo!

“My greatest insights were: 1) Recognizing that I am strong and capable enough to manage ongoing uncertainty, 2) I’ve had the resources all along, I just wasn’t using them creatively., and 3) I am loved and I love me.

– Barbara N.

“I gained awareness that I prolong suffering when not-ideal things occur. I found that I have a genius that has always been around and is beautiful and I love myself for it. I realized that transformation has already occurred in me and that my hopes of potential visions and goals are obtainable.”

– Marcella F.

“I realized just how imprisoned I have been, realizing that freedom is possible, and feeling what freedom is like.

– Clint I.

“I discovered how many more options are available to me once I am less focused on what my role as a martyr should be. I am surprised that I can change my attitude towards my quick assessment of how I am a martyr to curiosity about what this situation holds.

– Lois S.

“The three greatest benefits I gained are 1. Understanding + Awareness + Vision = Transformation 2. Understanding my Upper Limit Problem and noting when I hit it 3. Finding my Zone of Genius and owning that.

– Beth M.

These Conscious Community Members consistently played all out throughout the year! No small feat. In addition to creating incredible personal transformations, they showed up strong in support of one another. Here are a few notes from participants on what made this year’s experience so impactful.

“After ten years of participating in year long workshops, this is the first year where the change was visible and felt by people around me prior to the last session.  I have been transformed. I keep taking year long workshops to maintain and continue my path to an extraordinary life. I do have an extraordinary life because of the classes over the past 12 years. ” – Kit M.

“This is an emotionally rigorous but truly transformative experience for those willing to put in the work.” – Tim S.


“The small group is critical. The members of my small group found themselves in triggered states constantly. We helped each other understand with compassion “here we are again“ now what can you do differently?” – Lois S.

“[Here’s] why I keep enrolling in year longs. For years, I have continued to participate because they give me a safe space to constantly evolve my awareness, emotional dexterity, consciousness and connection. As a result, my relationships are stronger and more intimate, my body is healthier than ever, my professional life is full and balanced, and I’m living my best life (that keeps getting better year after year!).” – Leisa R.

“Productive Learning has held a safe and sacred space for me to explore my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and biases. Each year I sign up for the year long for different reasons. Because each year my journey has inevitably brought me to a new place and enlightened me to new things about myself and my relationship with the world that inspire me to keep going. […] The environment (the playground) we co-create in the year long invites me to more fully express who I am and who I am becoming, and I am incredibly grateful for that gift.” – Andy S.