Commit to Closing the Gap

Sep 2, 2016
…between what you want and what you are willing to do.


For years we’ve been talking to people about what they want in their life, or in some cases, what they don’t want anymore in their life. It’s true many people have a hard time articulating their dreams and couldn’t really tell you with any conviction what their purpose in life is, however, it doesn’t leave them speechless when you ask them, “what do you want?” People want a lot–they want great jobs, lots of money, a sense of fulfillment great health and, most commonly, they want love. In many ways we all want pretty much the same thing.

commit to closing the gapIt’s also quite common that we do very little (beyond what we are already doing) to have those things. I’m choosing my words very carefully here, I do mean very little. This may not be a politically correct thing to say in this age of being positive and building self-esteem. But if we have to be positive and build self-esteem by deflecting responsibility and turning a blind eye to the truth in order to protect people’s feelings, then I better not run for office. We want a whole lot, and we could have it if we were willing to do what it takes. Unfortunately many would rather stay in their proverbial comfort zone and blame others or circumstances for what is lacking in their life. Obviously that won’t bring us any closer to having an extraordinary life. Commit to closing the gap between what you want and what you are willing to do. As that gap closes, life becomes more and more amazing.

I’m not saying that it would be easy. If difficultly is measured by the uncomfortable or unwanted feelings we go through, I would have to say it could be pretty difficult. Especially when we consider how easily people object to doing something they don’t feel like doing. I do believe we all need support of one kind or another when we attempt to make significant changes in our lives. I don’t believe it is necessary to go it alone, or that it is better if we could. What we need is the courage and commitment to do what it takes. If you don’t know what it takes, then step one of what you must do is to find out.

We will need courage instead of complaining. We will need responsibility instead of reasons, and we will need insights instead of ignorance. I am certain that we can create an extraordinary life, and in order to do that we must become extraordinary. Who we are has created the life we have. If we want our life to be a process of continuous evolution and growth, becoming more and more magnificent as the months and years go by–we need to start with ourselves. Don’t resist the growth that will help you get there, embrace it.