Conscious Community Survey Results

Jul 30, 2016

The results are in! We asked for your feedback and we were pleasantly overwhelmed by your response. Thank you to the 65 people who responded to our request. The winners of the $50 Amazon Gift Cards are Barbara Nova, Cameron Schaefer and Virginia Lukei and will receive their prizes in the mail soon.

The results of the survey show that our Conscious Community certainly lives up to its name. The feedback you’ve provided has given us specific direction in what to focus on to better support the goals and challenges you are facing! One of our biggest take-aways from the survey is that our Conscious Community has great careers and businesses and that you are eager to get to the next level. Stay tuned for what we are developing to support you in doing just that! Below you will find the results of our survey. If you have not had a chance to participate in the survey and would like to add your feedback please click here to do so!

We also learned a great deal about what you are focusing on right now and we want to support you in those areas. Here’s what we learned:

Top Client Intentions for 2016

  1. Relationship Fulfillment (Romantic and Platonic) 23%
  2. Personal Fulfillment/Love of Self 22%
  3. Health and Wellness 19%
  4. Financial Security 16%
  5. Career/Business Fulfillment 12%
  6. Fitness and Physical Performance 8%


ConCom Focus 2016Relationship Fulfillment:

Are you aching for a relationship breakthrough with your significant other? Do you continue to find yourself alone or in empty relationships? Are your friends more of a social crutch than true confidants with deep connections? When asked about your dreams for the coming year, the top selected goal was “Relationship Fulfillment” – with 23% of you indicating either romantic or platonic relationship improvements as one of your Top 3 Priorities.

One of the greatest and most challenging things about life is that everything we yearn for and achieve will at some point require the understanding, agreement and participation of others. Our company is founded on creating extraordinary relationships and we believe that by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your own patterns, you can bring a more whole and authentic self to your relationships. We have developed workshops specifically designed for reaching a new level with your relationships. Our Everyone Wins: Couple’s Retreat and Dynamics of Money and Relationships are perfect learning laboratories to support you in building great connections with others.

Personal Fulfillment/Love of Self:

Do you feel like your life on paper looks great and that you should feel happy, but go to bed at night and wonder why you still don’t feel content? Do you find yourself changing things externally hoping to improve how you feel internally? Do you find yourself thinking you would be happy if you could only get that promotion, or if you could just move to a new city, or if you could only find the right partner? Over 20% of those surveyed indicated one of your Top 3 Priorities for 2016 was Personal Fulfillment and Love of Self. Productive Learning is committed to helping our clients develop a healthy love of self and work to eliminate the unhealthy need to please everyone all the time.

We pride ourselves on being a safe environment for you to find inner peace, while enjoying the perks that the outside world offers us. By clearly identifying your vision and aligning it with your purpose, we believe you can eliminate the desire to fix the external circumstances and love within yourself. We have a few workshops on our current schedule that will kick-start your momentum (Jumpstart Your Dreams), teach you how to harness your intentions (Power of Intention), and map out your Mission.


Career and Business Satisfaction:

Are you able to operate at high levels of performance in your career, but feel stuck in your current situation? Do you feel constantly stressed and desire a time where you can simply relax? Are you looking to achieve the next tier of success, but the traditional methods are proving unfruitful?

Over 80% of those surveyed indicated a desire for increased financial well-being or career/business fulfillment. We believe it is important to maintain our vitality, understand where we can get pulled off track and what we can do to access the best of ourselves even in times of elevated stress. The Vitality Year Long is an excellent workshop that will provide a consistent focus to develop great balance along with abundant energy to accomplish your goals!



Do you struggle to find your true voice and feel truly heard? Are you afraid to have critical conversations because you can only see the possibility of negative outcomes? Do you find yourself pushing off conversations because you’re looking for the perfect time? Communication can be one of the trickiest things we as humans engage in and 25% of surveyed respondents indicated a desire to improve their personal and business communication skills. The opportunity for misunderstandings, misinterpretations and assumption are already high even without such things as email and text messages. Productive Communication, Conflict to Resolution and the Intent Half-Year Long are crucial workshops that will give you tools and build up your skills to be an excellent communicator with your business teams, with your partners and friends.


Based on your survey answers we have ascertained that our corporate training offerings are a wealth of opportunity. It is exciting to see how satisfied you are in your businesses and careers and yet are still excited to grow! Your goals and challenges have been noted and we are excited to support you in your continued development. We’ll keep you up to date with our progress. Thanks again for all the support!

Please find more detailed information about the top questions answered below: