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Jul 29, 2016 by Cassie Crow
The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on the Bottom Line


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Do you cry at work? What do you think would happen if you shed a tear in your office? I’m not suggesting that you cry out of self-pity or complaint. I am suggesting you express how much something means to you. Share how you feel when you are upset or stuck or when you make a mistake. Can you imagine it?

For a lot of us that is absolutely unheard of, if not downright embarrassing! In fact, it is more likely that we hide our feelings, power through the given situation and talk about our co-workers, employer, or employees behind their back – not realizing that managing over our emotions keeps us from accessing the best of ourselves. Our engagement with our team is stifled because we end up doing the bare minimum thus creating results that are status quo at best. Many times we end up settling for nowhere near what we are capable of when we work with others.

It is astonishing that businesses accept this as a cultural norm or flat out ignore the influence this emotional stifling has on the bottom line. The research shows that small things matter, withholding our feelings and being invulnerable impacts our businesses in considerable ways. We know this because we too experience these very same challenges. Take a look around your office. Is this happening even in the most subtle of ways? Are you a part of it? Remember, avoidance perpetuates bad behavior. Are things getting done but there is a lack of innovation or creativity? Tell the truth.

The truth will set you free! And the truth is that the natural state of a team, company or organization is dysfunction. We have worked with companies on conflict resolution, path of dialogue, and emotional intelligence and studies shows that mastering these topics decrease mistakes by 85%. So now that you have told the truth what are you willing to do about it? Whether your company would benefit from a culture shift or a kick-start in creativity to break through to the next level there is something that can be done.

What are you going to do?

About the Author – Cassie Crow, Productive Learning Trainer

cassie-crow-croppedMy mission in life is to create a space where deeper truths can be discovered in a way that leaves myself and others to feel fully alive and completely unstoppable.

I believe that life happens for us, not to us. Everything in our life is a learning opportunity and a gift to be celebrated. That understanding has lead me to some incredible experiences that shape the way I lead workshops and live my life.

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in 2007 and my MBA in 2009. After attending Beyond Reasons in 2009 I knew I had found my life’s calling. After undergoing a two year training program lead by Productive Learning’s Founder, Lindon Crow, I have now been a trainer for over six years, helping to change hundreds of people’s lives. To speak with Cassie, feel free to email her at  or call (949) 542-8436.


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