Don’t do it alone.

Jul 29, 2013

The option to really enjoy life is right there for all of us.  Every day, everywhere there are opportunities to do things, make choices, connect with people that will bring about happiness, prosperity, love and a tremendous sense of well-being.  Equally, every day, everywhere there are distractions, seductions, temptations, illusions that will lure us into Remove Leave a Comment section. actions and behaviors that will bring about an unwanted, but probably familiar, result.

One thing that is clear to me is, that in order to take advantage of all these incredible opportunities, we need help.  We need to hook up with people, powers and groups that are in support of us, and/or, just a better life in general.  We don’t want to do it alone.  The forces are too great and the burden too much.

The good news is when we tap into the power that we have and combine it with the power of our friends, family and personal spiritual connection we create an unconquerable force.  We can falter, slip and fall, and yet be held up by those we’ve aligned ourselves with.  This unifying group creates a feeling of safety and comfort, as well as confidence and determination.  It is, I believe, a feeling that is arguably as good as any feeling we get from achieving what it is we initially intended.  In other words, by tapping into our own powers and combining them with the group intention it not only helps ensure we are successful in realizing our dreams, it makes the process as Remove Leave a Comment section. rewarding as the result.

Don’t do it alone.  Do it together.  It’s good for you, and it’s good for others.  They need you, and you need them.  From a temporary acquaintance to a teammate at work, to the family that you love and all the way to the divine, you have an opportunity to share your dreams.  In doing so, you will add an incredible indomitable energy you can ride like a wave to fulfillment.

And when you do, be grateful.  Say thank you.  Reach out and give your support to others.  I know this all works because my life has been too great, too blessed and too extraordinary to be something I’ve done all on my own.  So, to all of you, Rick, our staff, Robin, all my family and to God . . . I say with love and appreciation, thank you.

From the desk of Lindon Crow.
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