Essentials of Transformation

After taking Beyond Reasons, it becomes apparent that the work we do at Productive Learning is based on our three pillars of Conscious Competence:
Understanding, Awareness, & Vision.


Your thoughts, the way you perceive the world, and the decisions you make all come from somewhere.  Everything is learned.  Consider how you viewed the world from your earliest memories versus how you view it today.  Your mind is filled with millions of assumptions now that didn’t exist then; our personal histories have armed us with a base of knowledge that we use to navigate our complex world. This serves us well in many ways, but it locks us into emotionally driven reactions.

In understanding-based workshops, we explore our actions, reactions, and thought processes to identify which are motivated more by history than by any present reality.  Outdated assumptions give false meaning to current experiences.  By learning that our thoughts are not actual facts but interpretations, we free ourselves from our minds’ limitations and look towards the infinite possibilities that life offers.

Our Understanding-based workshops are vital for increased levels of Conscious Competence.
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Increase Understanding



Most of us assume we are conscious of our thoughts and actions throughout the day.  However, how often have you driven home from work and realized you don’t recall a large stretch of the drive?  How many times do you hear something that strikes a chord inside, but you don’t really explore why?  Because our personal histories give us a base of assumptive knowledge, we are able to operate on autopilot through much of our day – giving us the ability to focus on more detail-oriented tasks, such as our work.

In awareness-based workshops, we begin to explore the concept of mindfulness.  By working towards a higher level of awareness, you learn to shift dysfunctional reactions in real time.  Our higher levels of mindfulness train us to know when it’s important to “tune in” and when the autopilot is safe to engage.

Your Conscious Competence requires a heightened level of mindfulness. Discover the power of our Awareness-based workshops here:

Heighten Awareness



Once we know how we are wired and why (understanding) and we can articulate what we are feeling and what’s triggering it (awareness), then we can change habitual behaviors and problematic thought-processes.  But what are you shifting to?  What is replacing your old ways?  In what direction are you headed?

In vision-based workshops, we work to mindfully replace old patterns with something that is consistent with our greatest views of ourselves and the life we want to live. Our mind is constantly anticipating and creating.  If it’s not given a conscious direction, it will default to our historical interpretations and create a life of repetitive patterns.  By defining your vision, mission, or purpose in life, your path forward becomes more than a pipe dream – it becomes a reality.

The final increment to transformation will enhance your ability to create your ideal life. Find out what is waiting for you in our Vision-Based Workshops here:

Enhance Vision