Friendship, Just The Perfect Blendship

Apr 14, 2017

Of all the relationships in our lives, friendships bear a unique role. Friends don’t carry the complications of lovers, the politics of family, or the formalities of colleagues and acquaintances.

When dark times appear you ugly cry, snot, and spit, to friends that listen compassionately. Think of the times friends stood by you when you slept with that no good ex…more than once. They held your hand through birthing—whether it was a child or a new career.

Of course, you’ve also been a stalwart force in their lives.

Real friends challenge us to move forward. They call us out on our B.S. They nudge us toward things that create positive changes, like self-development opportunities.

That’s why we at Productive Learning invite you and your buddy to one of our master life classes: Beyond Reasons.

This class is a dissection of your system of beliefs. It begins with a one-on-one interview exploring what you want to change with one of our fabulous trainers.

Then, we look into how you’ve been self-sabotaging your success. You and your bud will both dive into things like the Four Strategies of the Mind that you possess but hinder you if not used properly. We teach you how to master these strategies and other tools that will help you thrive.

This month we’re running a limited special. Sign up for Beyond Reasons and one of you gets in FREE.

You two are The Spartan Cheerleaders of each other’s lives. Here’s a chance to grow wiser in unison. One study found that friends who learn together understand concepts easier and learn more.

You’ll also meet new people and join the Productive Learning tribe. If we learned anything from Friends it’s that we all need a tribe. A study published in Nature showed that people with larger social networks have higher pain tolerance.

Beyond Reasons is Productive Learning’s version of Central Perk. It’s where you get to explore what’s holding you back from that career leap; why you keep dating the wrong people; why do you struggle so much financially?

Limiting beliefs are at the core of your setbacks, and most of the time you’re not even aware of them. If you’re wanting more but not seeing results, you’re still operating from your limiting beliefs.

To further explore your detachments consider our other workshop Extraordinary Thinking. In ET you’re ushered into learning a new modus operandi of behavior leading to extraordinary results.

To boot, the workshop takes place in China, where the Ming Dynasty exerted massive cultural and political influence for over 200 years. We borrow from their philosophies of success to create your extraordinary future.

Take advantage of these opportunities for yourself while creating a stronger bond with the Ethel to your Lucy. Change your lives together.

The Beyond Reasons Spring Promotion lasts through 5/17.

And thank you for being a friend!