See the Sea Glass on the Seashore?

Jul 7, 2017 by Mark Nicole

Thirty years ago U2 released I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For from their mega album The Joshua Tree. The song is a mix of existentialism and disappointment—one looks and looks and looks—but the search is fruitless.

Does this sound familiar? Are you still looking for the right relationship, the right job title, that big break?

If so, it’s because deep in your brain, you have unconscious thoughts driving the search. You’re unaware of how these thoughts commandeer your behavior and choices. Or how they impede you from creating an extraordinary life.

Finding what you’re looking for is about creating the right conditions for the search. To show you what we mean, let’s go for an imaginary walk at your favorite beach…

Is the water turquoise and warm? Does the ocean yield thunderous waves or the peaceful lapping of water on a lonely island? Observe the shore. Do you see sand or a beach full of treasures?

One of our facilitators, Mark Nicole, collects sea glass to create beautiful and unique jewelry that he sells. He’s trained himself to spot pieces washed up on the shore.

Tides and swells can bury ocean trinkets. The key to spotting sea glass is to know when the conditions are right: that is, when the tide pulls back it exposes sea glass embedded in the sand.

Finding what you’re looking for is like searching for sea glass and Productive Learning is the right place to help you find answers. Our workshops create a journey that begins with a search and takes you through various phases where you generate value from your discovery.

In a workshop, emotions and thoughts that have been on autopilot for years suddenly come to the forefront. But you’ve put yourself in the right conditions to confront them! You’re in a safe, confidential place, surrounded by like-minded people with the spirit of learning and a desire to grow. A skilled facilitator helps you pick through your findings.

Our cornerstone workshop, Beyond Reasons, is like a wave that surfaces your mind’s debris. In this workshop, you sift through all the unconscious thinking, feeling, and behaviors. You find metaphorical sea glass—or, beliefs that empower you.

Some people take sea glass and put it in a decorative jar. It looks pretty but they haven’t generated any value from it. Our facilitators help you transform your findings into something useful, desirable and beneficial.

After Beyond Reasons we generate value from your newfound beliefs with workshops like Achilles Heel, where we explore and strengthen your weaknesses or Core Values, where we identify what implements your growth.

The Productive Learning journey offers field workshops like Extraordinary Thinking. This course teaches you groundbreaking strategies for creating a master life while traveling through China.

With over a dozen workshops to explore Productive Learning is a lifestyle for self-development.

We know you could search for answers on your own, collecting self-help books or going for years of therapy. But our workshops provide the right condition for self-growth and you raise the chances of finding answers and strategies for the present.

“People walk right past things, they don’t know what they’re looking for, and it’s often on the surface. This is why people need questions to help direct their attention and facilitation to help them look. Once they look, they find,” says Mark.

On the beach, as in life, you may stumble on pieces, but if an expert hunter tells you where to look and what to look for, you’re more likely to find valuables and know what to do with them.
Start collecting the treasures you’re standing on!

Sign up for a workshop and bring friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. You may walk away with a personal search party to help you along the way.

Or, you can still search the highest mountain and roam through fields… Just remember that when you’re in the right setting and willing to look, you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for.