Marcella Flores

Operations Manager

"You love others relative to how much you love yourself."

Hi! I am Marcella and I am so excited to be on the Productive Learning team! I have stepped in as the Operations Manager so you will mostly see my name on all your logistics emails as most of what I do runs the operation behind the scenes.

And honestly, I like it that way. I like the process of thinking through what needs to happen, I enjoy imaging the flow of an event and thinking through all the tiny components that are necessary to make an event happen and run as smooth as possible. It’s a passion of mine.

I have always been called to helping others through the operations of programs. When I was in college, I majored in International Development Studies and one of my Economics Professors had an idea of pioneering a school in Africa to teach morality to kids from a young age to combat corruption in their adulthood. I was one of two students that signed up to head to Ghana and help get that school built and it is still in operation today.

I was so inspired by this experience that I looked for similar work after college and I worked for an organization that set up scholarship programs for high achieving middle school children so that they could travel to different historical sites and learn about important elements of leadership.

I continued to pursue work that fulfilled my desire to save the world and mitigate corruption but at some point, on my journey I got discouraged in my pursuit. I just felt like I couldn’t do enough. I felt like I couldn’t make a real difference.

SO I went another direction. I have always loved athletics and played soccer in college, so I went back to my athletic roots and became a sponsored snowboarder. I had so much fun, I loved the community and I loved feeling proud of my capabilities. I also started to work in operations in the action sports world, organizing competitions and events for extreme sports.

It was fun. But not fulfilling. I still wanted to make a difference and I realized that changing gears wasn’t going to change that.

And then a huge difference was made in my life. I became a mother to my beautiful son Benjamin. The love I felt and feel for Benjamin from the very beginning sincerely touched my life and changed the way I thought about myself and my impact in the world. I knew I could do something to make a difference in his life and in turn he taught me that I don’t need to save the world, I just need to make my own world as peaceful as possible and that makes a huge difference. That was enough.

I was organizing corporate events when I found Productive Learning and I saw the opportunity to immerse in a community that intentionally strives to live conscious and intentional lives, and that felt good. I now get to exercise my capabilities in operational excellence daily to serve this beautiful community on their pursuit to extraordinary.

When I am not working, I am hanging with my family or friends and co-parenting with love. I enjoy traveling and practicing hot yoga. I volunteer when I can, and I have spent many hours with Hospitals and Institutions bringing literature and organizing meetings.

And mostly I organize my life with Benjamin. I set him up with fun summers and time with friends and family. I prioritize our time together because of how much my love for him has enriched my life. I love who I have become because of his influence.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!