Valery Kravchenko

Business Development Specialist

"Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try." - Jack Canfield

Hello, my name is Valery Kravchenko, and I work as Productive Learning’s Business Development Specialist.

Productive Learning has grown wonderfully in the last 6 years and I help foster growth through Business Development. My day to day role includes identifying new leads for expansion, conducting market research, analyzing business processes and working on top of the line customer service.

I love communicating and working with executives to help them overcome challenges through Productive Learning’s workshops and events. I enjoy working with the team because I can bring value to the businesses by connecting people and helping them find their true purpose. I’m honored to work with this team in particular because of their tremendous experience and fresh ideas. It truly feels like we get to collaboratively work towards the good of people and their companies. When your team members and like-minded, you feel like you’re going in the same direction. A direction towards success. Working on this team has enabled me to understand the real value of emotional intelligence and its impact on the business.

With a masters degree in Romance Philology at Kyiv National Linguistic University, I knew my education was important to do something that matters. My background as a Logistics Manager helped me become incredibly detail oriented which is imperative in my day to day role.

Outside of working as a Business Development Specialist, I enjoy Pike Fishing. There’s nothing like spending time with my husband in nature. I also really enjoy reading. The last book I read was The Touch by Daniel Keyes. I highly recommend it! My husband and I have a furry, four-legged kid named Ricky, our cat. He always keeps our house interesting and is happy to see me when I get home.