Warren Wong

Office Manager

"One ball at a time."

Hello, my name is Warren Wong and for the last 26 years, I have been the Office Manager for Productive Learning. I started with the company when we were working in one of the spare rooms in Lindon’s house.

Ever since its inception, Productive Learning has served many people in many ways and it has always been my job to manage the information that is going out and coming into Productive Learning.  I organize schedules, coordinate logistics, and send out reminders and confirmations to ensure we can deliver extraordinary workshops. I create checklists, scan workshop notes, gather materials and help set-up so that the trainers have everything they need in the room.

It is very important to me that clients have everything they need to get to the workshop. If you have taken a workshop with us you have received an email from me. The team has always been really impressed with my ability to stay on top of everything and remember details about each of our clients.

The team sarcastically calls me a “procrastinator,” because I am always looking at least two weeks ahead of every event we put on. This practice ensures that we can manage any last minute changes because inevitably there are always last minute changes. I am very detail oriented and I like to keep things on track.

I met Lindon at the Summit organization in 1985. I did admin for Summit as well as Trainer Transportation. Lindon was the first trainer I picked up from the airport. I remember being very nervous but Lindon’s easygoing nature put me at ease right away. We became great friends and even worked closely together in two workshops. One called Shape Up the other called Competitive Winning. Lindon facilitated the workshop and I led the experiential portion: tennis.

The comradery Lindon and I developed all those years ago flows through the company today. All of us on the team have great working relationships. We respect, understand and value each other. We are all self-managed to deliver on what we are responsible for in the company. I am free to get the job done the way I know is best but we are always accountable to each other. This environment is ideal for me.

Outside of Productive Learning, I am a tennis instructor and I get a kick out of sharing TFAR  (those of you who took Beyond Reasons know what I mean) with the kids on the court! I love watching the kids I coach transform over the years. I’m so proud of their progress and it’s an honor to contribute to their growth as athletes.

The great love of my life is HEAT. I love steam rooms and saunas. If I am not in the office, on the court coaching or teaching a spin class, or you will find me at Ispa napping in the salt room. You could call me a “Spa Connoisseur.“

My motto in life is “One ball at a time,” meaning to take life as it comes. If there is an error, identify what happened, figure a solution, let it go and refocus. This motto has helped me in all aspects of my life but maybe I should change it to “One ball at a time and then STEAM!”