The Insighter – April 2022

Apr 12, 2022


It is mid-April and spring has sprung!

The sprouts are popping up, everyone in the office is ready for summer vacation, and you can probably feel the spring cleaning itch creeping in.

The Spring season is full of renewal energy. Freshness, growth, brightness, lightness, and new beginnings. What areas of your life are calling for renewed focus? Fresh, uplifting energy? 

Now is a great time to evaluate and invest. Let’s look at why. 

Temporal landmarks and significant cycle changes–such as a new year, seasons changing, or the school year ending–are shown to spark big-picture self-reflection and provide motivational boosts, optimism, and hope. Primarily because our mind perceives these landmarks as providing a clean slate, which we can use to embrace the positive changes we desire and create distance from less-than-ideal versions of ourselves in the past. 

Have you ever thought something like, “Holiday season me ate too many desserts and slept too little, but new year me is committed to my morning routine and health.” 

That is your mind leveraging the fresh start of a new year. But this power isn’t limited to the new year, it can support your desired changes at any temporal landmark, including the start of a new week, new month, a new quarter, a birthday, a project, a move, completion of a workshop, an ah-ha moment in self-reflection… The opportunities are abundant when you look. 

So, if you have been feeling stuck, wanting for change, or overly future-focused, we invite you back into the present moment. Embrace the clean slate available to you today–whether it is Monday, Q2, or the spring season–and harness the motivation it offers! 

Here are some helpful tips to make the most of this (and ANY) fresh start. 

  1. Create a fresh start wherever you need one. 

       2. Plan for change. 

      3. Celebrate progress, not perfection. 

If you love this idea, but feel distant from that renewal energy, join us at Harnessing Motivation in July to learn how to create the motivation you want every time you need it. 

Here’s to fresh starts and embracing renewal energy! 





The Productive Learning Team


Intensive focus for growth. Small group peer accountability. Direct coaching support. 

12-Week Coaching Programs: 

Make the Leap Coaching & Nourished Coaching

At Productive Learning, every single thing we do comes back to helping you create your extraordinary life. Our conscious community members shared that sometimes they have a goal that requires more intensity or longevity of focus than we can provide in a weekend workshop.

We recently developed two unique 12-week coaching programs to fulfill that need and serve those ready to make a significant change, quickly. 

Our last cohort of Make the Leap and Nourished participants had incredible results, so we expanded the program! Join us for an upcoming cohort to leap past your 2022 goals or transform your relationship with food, body, and self! 

Let this be the year you make the kind of progress you dream of.

>> I’m ready to Make the Leap!<<


>> More on Make the Leap: Small Group Coaching

Make the Leap coaching is a sprint-style small group program designed precisely to help you leap past the resistance that prevents you from achieving an important goal. 

By the end of the summer, you could be like Charles, who told us, “When I look back at what I was aiming to accomplish and all of the progress I have made, I’m blown away!” 

Over 12 weeks, you will have what Charles had–the support he needed to make major headway on an important aspect of his work. You’ll also receive personalized tools, 1:1 coaching, and the championing of your group-mates along the way. 

As participant David noted, “This program focused on the foundational transformation needed to make lasting change.  I accomplished a goal I don’t believe I would have accomplished without this group & program.” 

Embrace the journey and move expertly past your resistance when you join senior trainer and self-proclaimed high achiever, Mark Nicole, for make-believe coaching!

>> I’m ready to Make the Leap! <<


>> More on Nourished: Small Group Coaching for Women

The culture we exist in influences us from day one. In American culture, messages about body image, beauty, food, and appearance infiltrate women’s lives from every angle.

Diet products are a $30 billion industry in the United States. Not because the products work, but because our relationships with food and our bodies are so convoluted.

When we are courageous enough to move past the external messages about health, dieting, and our bodies, there is a beautiful relationship with true nourishment waiting to be uncovered!

Nourished coaching was expertly designed by women for women to unpack unconscious programming and build (or re-discover) a healthy relationship with food, body, and self! 

Join our summer cohort to return to your inner truth, and reclaim the relationship you want with a vessel that carries you through this extraordinary life!

We are always rooting for you and your success. These programs are here for you when you’re ready to create more extraordinary!

>> I want to be Nourished! << 


By the way! Looking for something even more personalized? Try Private Coaching. 

Sometimes having 100% of the attention focused on you helps deepen the value of past insights and create the structure needed to achieve success. Choose a package that meets your unique support needs. 

>>Private Coaching<< 


For inner peace, Live Gracefully! 

Living Gracefully… in Greece!


You’ve got it all. Or so it appears on the outside. So, why does it FEEL like rushing, overwhelm, exhaustion, and scarcity? Why does it seem you never get to ENJOY it?


Greece is home to many breathtaking beaches. From afar they are pure beauty–soft and weaving shorelines, rippling waves, and crystal clear water revealing a palette of rich and inviting blues, greens, and teals. 

When we get up close, we can hear the waves crashing powerfully at some moments and lapping gently at others. We smell the salty fresh ocean air and feel the warm grainy sand beneath our feet. We see the tide come in and retreat back out. The ocean continues its powerful flow regardless of the ships upon it, creatures within it, and humans observing it.  

Breathtaking beauty from afar, peaceful grace up close. 

Our Conscious Community Members often tell us their lives feel like pure beauty… from afar. The spouse, the kids, the house, the car, the company, the job, the vacations… Everything one could want and then some!

But, unlike the ocean, when you get up close, life doesn’t feel beautiful or graceful. Rather than flow, peace, and fulfilling life is riddled with rushing, overwhelm, exhaustion, and scarcity. 

Can you relate? 

If you’ve “got it all” but don’t feel fulfilled, at peace, and deeply connected, this learning vacation is calling your name! 

I’m ready for peace and fulfillment, in Greece!

Join us for an adventure through historical and breathtaking Greece where we will learn how to LIVE GRACEFULLY! 

Living Gracefully

Learning Vacation 

September 29 – October 9, 2022 

Workshop details here

This unique learning vacation will immerse you in a different pace of life. You will learn what your own version of “flow” looks like and see how our lifestyle–in contrast to that of the Greeks–has created unnecessary suffering. 

Finally, you’ll discover what changes to make to create your Extraordinary Life! 

In addition to learning about ourselves, we’ll explore the rich and layered history, geography, and cultures of Greece with expert guides, insider access, and four- and five-star accommodations. All with the best people you can imagine traveling with. 

What a dream come true! So channel the peace you felt last time you smelled the ocean air and click below to express your interest in Living Gracefully – a learning vacation through Greece. 

Yes, please to Living Gracefully

You feta believe this is a can’t-miss experience! 


What is a Learning Vacation? 

Learning vacations with Productive Learning are an exceptional value and the experiences of a lifetime! These unforgettable journeys combine unique travel experiences with the workshop-style learning you know and love. 

When you join us, you’ll travel with top-notch people who are equally dedicated to leaning into the depths of life and supporting profound curiosity. Even better are the highly skilled facilitators, creating a safe harbor for the inherent growth and challenges of international travel, while carefully guiding you out of your comfort zone and helping you stretch beyond your previous limitations.  

Furthermore, our long-standing relationships with travel experts allow us to visit locations and experience cultures that “tourists” cannot access, while still maintaining 4- and 5-star travel. What more could you want?!

Questions or curiosities? Click below to have a trainer call you with more information! 

Tell me more about Living Gracefully in Greece!


Act now. Every time!

Knowing what moves you to act is a powerful tool for achievement.

People frequently have objections about what it takes to motivate them. Sometimes they view these motivating factors as undesirable. If we remove these objections…

Harnessing Motivation

July 16-17, 2022 in Southern California

What motivates you to take action? Beyond basic pleasure or pain, each of us has developed a number of subconscious factors that prompt us to proceed from thought to action. 

Knowing what moves you to act is a powerful tool for achievement. 

Harnessing Motivation is not a course about what you want, but what makes you go out and get it. Often we know exactly what needs to be done, but cannot get ourselves to do it. In this workshop, you will clarify what “gets you to do the thing” so you can harness that to create more consistency and control.

Perhaps you are harboring judgements about what truly motivates you. If those judgements are gone, you can embrace whatever it is that revs your engine. Together we will explore our judgements or objections to our true motivators then learn how to spot and defuse them. When you leave this course, you’ll be able to identify what’s between you and the motivation you want and knock it out of the way. 

When you know what moves you to action, you will also be able to develop additional methods of self-motivation. Sound good? Join us in Harnessing Motivation in July! 


>> Learn more about Harnessing Motivation <<



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1:1 Coaching

Private coaching is now available! Got a specific goal or dream you’re ready to make happen? Coaching will help you move farther, faster.   

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