The Insighter – March 2022

Apr 12, 2022

Are you part of the 92% of people who will not reach their goals in 2022?


Only 8% of people achieve their annual goals each year. We want to see you, our fellow Conscious Community Member, join that elite 8%. 

We know it is easier to stay caught up in the day-to-day than to create time and space to lift your head above water and look at the big picture. But, clarity and strategic shifts aren’t available when you’re frantically scrambling from one fire to the next. That’s why 92% of people do not reach their goals. 

As a member of the Productive Learning Community, we know you are in pursuit of your best life. So, as we wrap up quarter one, we want to help you stay on track and get results. 

If you’re not yet making the progress you want, try a few of these recommendations to bring more intention to creating your extraordinary life. 

We always have your back when it comes to creating your extraordinary life. 

If you need more accountability and structured support, join our year long program, Transformation: Self-Management to Self-Mastery, kicking off in May. If you just need to make this goal a priority, we invite you to step up to the plate and go to bat for yourself. 

Here’s to making it happen! 





The Productive Learning Team


Does something on your personal growth journey feel unresolved? Is it anchoring you in a less-than-ideal experience?

Join us at our next fascinating FREE Masterclass: En”LIGHTEN” Your Life to gain clarity on what is weighing your down!

En“LIGHTEN” Your Life
FREE Masterclass
March 16, 4:00pm on Zoom

The Jingling Fakir, or “Man of Chains” crawled through the streets of Lahore, Pakistan, weighed down by 670 pounds of metal chains. He built this self-imposed burden by adding a link of metal regularly until the end of his life. 

While his chains made him physically stronger, they also slowed him down and compressed his body into a smaller version than who he was capable of becoming. 

The Man of Chains did this intentionally. But you may be doing the same thing unintentionally. Carrying around false beliefs that were given to you can weigh you down, holding you back from reaching the extraordinary experiences available to you. 

If any of the following thoughts resonate with you, your false beliefs or unconscious patterns are weighing on you like hundreds of chain links. 

“I want to feel more free, be more at ease with myself. I want to feel more happiness and joy and contentment.” 

“I know ____ belief is not true, it was given to me, and isn’t real. So I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but it’s still showing up and sneakily creating ____ feeling in my life.” 

“I have done a lot of work on myself. But something still feels incomplete, unresolved.” 

“I want to experience more self love. Connect with myself and others more deeply.” 

If these sound familiar, mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 16 at 4pm. Senior trainer Mark Nicole will guide us through a fascinating experience in the Masterclass, En“LIGHTEN” Your Life. Join us to explore that sticky, stubborn false belief that’s lurking below the surface, unresolved, holding you back from the life of your dreams.  

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Transform yourself and your relationship with yourself in one short year.  

Transformation: Self-Management to Self-Mastery

A Year-Long Program

Available in SoCal and NorCal

Did you know Productive Learning offers year-long learning experiences that take you deep into a specific topic and support you consistently as you practice applying it in your life? 

Workshops are an excellent tool to explore a topic and learn about yourself. You know, because you’ve experienced the self-awareness that comes out of them. 

Sometimes, we leave with a fiery motivation to apply what we learned and improve our life experience. And, slowly, the motivation and dedication wanes, and we work just a little less hard to make the changes we so deeply desire. 

Imagine the power of scaling that fiery motivation to a full year. Add the support of a dedicated trainer and small group of peers doing the same work and, BAM❗, you’ve got TRANSFORMATIONAL MAGIC! 

Year long participant Chuck T said it better than we can: 

“The beauty of the Year-Long workshops is that you get the chance to really delve into the topic . . . put your newfound knowledge into action . . . go out and make some mistakes, come back next month, receive input, and give it your best again the next month.” 

Our next Year Long, Transformation: Self-Management to Self-Mastery, is kicking off in May. We’re building extraordinary results, turning significant learning into applied life experience, and learning to move with ease and pure creative freedom.  

So, are you ready to take your journey to the next level? 

I’m interested in Transformation!

Blue Zone? Yes, please! 

Living Gracefully… in Greece!

Vitality. Deep connection. Movement and fresh air… at age 100+! Can you imagine?! 

The people of Ikaria, Greece, live full, beautiful lives that outlast most people on the planet. 

There’s something to their way of living that differs from yours and mine. Something in the way they see life…

Magnificent landscapes, pure air, brilliantly clear seas, historical tours, mythical stories, archeology, robust natural flavors, invigorating herbs, wine, deep connection, belly laughs, and naps. Just imagine the glory! 

In Ikaria, Greece, the people live on their own time, their own terms. There is a mentality that stress stems from one focusing too much on obeying and serving others rather than tending to themselves. They are self-sufficient and a completely connected community. They seem to understand life.  

They create vitality in their lives and experience the richness available from the depths and breadth of life. Richness that they say comes from strong connection–to one’s self, others, and the experiences along the journey. Unsurprisingly, the data says this helps them live longer lives that they truly enjoy. These are just a few of the lessons shared by the people fully embracing life in this breathtaking Blue Zone.

Blue Zones are the areas on Earth with the highest concentrations of people living to 100+ years. Join us for a unique and unparalleled learning vacation through Greece, where we will engage and explore the philosophy of “Ikarian Balance” between nature, freedom, time, and personal development. 

What would it look like for you to live such that living to a healthy 100 years seems not just possible, but definite? The contrast between our culture and theirs will become apparent as we practice living like the Greeks! 

Delve into this culture with Productive Learning on our Living Gracefully learning vacation this fall! Explore the rich history, invigorating diet, heart-warming hospitality, and laid-back view of life. Then melt with joy as you realize this is just one piece of a learning-soaked fascinating adventure around Greece!  

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What is a Learning Vacation? 

Learning vacations with Productive Learning are an exceptional value and the experiences of a lifetime! These unforgettable journeys combine unique travel experiences with the workshop-style learning you know and love. 

When you join us, you’ll travel with top-notch people who are equally dedicated to leaning into the depths of life and supporting profound curiosity. Even better are the highly skilled facilitators, creating a safe harbor for the inherent growth and challenges of international travel, while carefully guiding you out of your comfort zone and helping you stretch beyond your previous limitations.  

Furthermore, our long-standing relationships with travel experts allow us to visit locations and experience cultures that “tourists” cannot access, while still maintaining 4- and 5-star travel. What more could you want?!

Questions or curiosities? Click below to have a trainer call you with more information! 

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Goals not on Track!?

You want to be part of the mere 8% of people who actually accomplish their goals each year. 

Leverage Productive Learning Coaching programs to lean into whatever area of your life you most want to improve.

Women only, goal achieving, you name it, we have the structure and the format that hits the mark. But it’s no child’s play when you step into a coaching relationship…

It’s not always the fact that you don’t know what to do, it’s sometimes that you just can’t get yourself to do it! Other times it feels like beating your head against a wall, over and over and over…

New eyes on the problem can often kick things into gear. Add in some regular support through accountability and that’s a sweet tasting recipe for success!

Coaching can be those eyes and that accountability. If you want to make changes and improvements, all you really have to do is figure out which kind of coaching you want to step into. 

Make the Leap Coaching (small group)

Dozens of your fellow Conscious Community members have thrived through this intense goal-getting 12-week course, where you don’t just say what you want, you make it happen!

Nourished Coaching (women only, small group)

Join a small group of women in this 12-week coaching program to transform the way you identify with your body and the way you approach food.  This ain’t your ordinary diet group!

Private Coaching 

Sometimes having 100% of the attention focused on you helps deepen the value of past insights and create the structure needed to achieve success. Choose a package that meets your unique support needs. 


New dates and topics recently added!  Explore our exciting 2022 workshop calendar to choose your next learning event. 

1:1 Coaching

Private coaching is now available! Got a specific goal or dream you’re ready to make happen? Coaching will help you move farther, faster.    

Free Stuff

From weekly Facebook Lives to Podcasts, there are so many fun and FREE ways to stay inspired on your journey to extraordinary living. 

Facebook Lives

We love connecting with our community in our private Facebook group, where we’re doing Facebook Lives twice a week. 

Facebook Live with Mark Nicole Tuesdays at 2 pm Pacific

Facebook Live with Lindon A. Thursdays at 4 pm Pacific

Kind of like mini-masterclasses, our Facebook Lives will give you more tools to create an extraordinary life, plus a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of your favorite trainers!  

With a variety of topics from the practical (Crucial Conversations) to the abstract (Days of Grace) to fun insights the trainers have about themselves, you just never know what they’ll come up with next. 

Hop on with us live on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or scroll around and binge-watch past episodes at your convenience!

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