The Insighter – January 2022

Jan 4, 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Friends in Growth!

January feels like a fresh and energizing new start. AND it can bring an extra dose of worldly pressure.

This time of year, our news feeds tend to be focused on changes we “should make”. These morning habits, this diet, that fancy new planner…

Now, you know we looove us some change at Productive Learning! But, we love change when it comes from a space of personal exploration, deep understanding, and possibility.

We do not love the source of change that dominates our society this time of year – the change that comes from a place of pressure, manipulative shame, and external expectations.

Advertisers are great at what they do, so it’s easy to slip into the trap of wanting to make surface level change for validation. Or believing that your experience of life will improve from external changes without internal work.

So as you dance your lovely self into this beautiful new year, we invite you to release every message the world is sending. Let go of the “popular” resolutions.

Instead, reconnect with your own vision for your life. Opt to focus on the possibilities that feel authentic and aligned.

Who do you want to become this year?

What experiences do you want to create?

What is possible in your life in 2022?

Whatever possibilities light you up, we’re ready to support them!

In fact, we’re so passionate about helping you pursue possibilities that we’ve teed up more thought-provoking and reflection-inducing messages for you than ever before. We’ll be here, in your inbox, a little more often and you can connect with us all over the internet if you just can’t get enough.

With plentiful possibility,




The Productive Learning Team

PS: If you want to dive extra deep this year, check out our coaching programs. If you want to embrace more possibilities, check out our 2022 workshop calendar.

Workshop Spotlight

Eager to dive deep into what’s possible in 2022? Check out these upcoming workshops that other Learners are excited for!

Masquerade of Authenticity
Learning Intensive
March 11-13, 2022 – Long Beach, CA

“Be your authentic self.”  “Live authentically.”  “Be true to who you really are.”

There are a lot of ways to say something that may mean a lot of nothing! 

What is the authentic you? How would you even know if you’re being authentic? And if you’re not always authentic, what does that mean about you?

Legitimate questions. The answer isn’t so cut and dry, though.

As we navigate the relationships in our jobs and at home, when we show up to meetings and parties, what is the persona that comes out? 

Is it the intimidated and shy one that has a hard time making conversation? Or is it the one that is trying to impress everyone and puts on the show? Maybe who comes out is your persona of the smart one that has it all together and needs nothing from anyone.  

All of these ways of showing up, these personas, are us. But are they who we really want to be at that moment? Do they have us liking ourselves afterwards or do we feel a bit out of line, chew on it and fester long afterwards?    

Dive into your personas with us at Masquerade of Authenticity on March 11-13, 2022, in Long Beach, CA

Tell me more about Masquerade of Authenticity! 

Register for the FREE Masterclass on Jan 27 at 4p, Storytime: Masquerade of Authenticity! 

Free Masterclass!? I’m in! 

“Authenticity” is a widely used term these days. But what does it really mean… to you? 

Don your masquerade garb and join senior trainer Cassie Crow to explore the concepts of authenticity and choosing how we show up in this one-hour deep dive… 

Have you ever thought back on how you showed up in a specific scenario and felt… disconnected from it? Disappointed in that version of you? Or confused about why you showed up that way when you believe yourself to be someone different?

Have you felt like you “had to” show up a certain way for one reason or another? 

“I had to put on that fake smile at work today because my challenges are not everyone else’s problem.” 

“I needed to be the supportive one in that situation, even though I disagreed, because so-and-so deserved to be supported.”

“Down playing my contribution was important so that what’s-his-name wasn’t offended and went off the rails like that other time.” 

But now, thinking back, you don’t feel proud of that version of you. Maybe even feel a little sadness or melancholy that you can’t quite put your finger on? 

Our many, varied personas that show up in specific situations are all trying to serve us. What if you understood them, could notice them, and learned to choose them consciously? 

If this intrigues you, JOIN US January 27th @ 4pm for a FREE Masterclass

Grab a big, warm blanket, your favorite beverage, and settle in for a Masterclass like no other. Learn through stories and gain insight that will influence your relationship with the many personas that make up your whole.  

PL Does Coaching!?

Yep, we do! And we have multiple coaching programs that will fit you no matter what you’re looking for.

Women only, goal achieving, you name it, we have the structure and the format that hits the mark. But it’s no child’s play when you step into a coaching relationship…

It’s not always the fact that you don’t know what to do, it’s sometimes that you just can’t get yourself to do it! Other times it feels like beating your head against a wall, over and over and over…

New eyes on the problem can often kick things into gear. Add in some regular support through accountability and that’s a sweet tasting recipe for success!

Coaching can be those eyes and that accountability. If you want to make changes and improvements, all you really have to do is figure out which kind of coaching you want to step into. 

Make the Leap Coaching (small group)

Dozens of your fellow Conscious Community members have thrived through this intense goal-getting 12-week course, where you don’t just say what you want, you make it happen!

Nourished Coaching (women only, small group)

Join a small group of other women in this 12-week coaching program to transform the way you identify with your body and the way you approach food.  This ain’t your ordinary diet group!

Private Coaching 

Sometimes having 100% of the attention focused on you helps deepen the value of past insights and create the structure needed to achieve success. Choose a package that meets your unique support needs. 


New dates and topics recently added!  Explore our exciting 2022 workshop calendar to choose your next learning event.

1:1 Coaching

Private coaching is now available! Got a specific goal or dream you’re ready to make happen? Coaching will help you move farther, faster.   

Free Stuff

From weekly Facebook Lives to Podcasts, there are so many fun and FREE ways to stay inspired on your journey to extraordinary living.

FREE Masterclass – Storytime: Masquerade of Authenticity

Join us on Thursday, January 27 at 4pm for a free Masterclass like none other. Get cozy for storytime! Bring your favorite beverage and settle in to explore, through story, how and why less-than-ideal versions of you show up in your life. You’ll increase understanding of yourself and walk away with important self-reflection to bring more of your ideal self into any area of your life. 

Register here! Can’t make the time? Register anyway and we’ll send you the replay. 

Facebook Lives

We love connecting with our community in our private Facebook group, where we’re doing Facebook Lives twice a week. 

Facebook Live with Mark Nicole Tuesdays at 2 pm Pacific

Facebook Live with Lindon A. Thursdays at 4 pm Pacific

Kind of like mini-masterclasses, our Facebook Lives will give you more tools to create an extraordinary life, plus a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of your favorite trainers!  

With a variety of topics from the practical (Crucial Conversations) to the abstract (Days of Grace) to fun insights the trainers have about themselves, you just never know what they’ll come up with next. 

Hop on with us live on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or scroll around and binge-watch past episodes at your convenience!

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