The Insighter – May 2022

Jul 19, 2022

The last Monday of May is a solemn day on which we honor the courageous men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting their country. Memorial Day is a tradition embedded in the American experience – a dedicated time of reflection, gratitude, and honoring those who served. 

As Conscious Community Members, we know the enormous value–and the complex and nuanced experience–available from reflecting on loss. 

As this built-in opportunity approaches, we invite you to embrace the feelings of loss and not just get caught up in the flurry of comparing BBQ menus and beach outfits.

So what can we learn in reflection as we honor our fallen service men and women? 

Loss can be a great teacher. 

Loss can illuminate our values: Is your life built around the values, people and experiences that matter most to you? 

Loss can remind us to appreciate: What are you grateful for that hasn’t made it onto your radar recently? 

Loss reminds us that life is meant to be shared: Who can you acknowledge as your support system and do they know what they provide for you? 

We’re holding space for you as you reflect this month. May this bring you gratitude, peace, and purpose in how you approach your summer. 

All our love, 

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