The Insighter – October 2021

Oct 12, 2021


Fall is in the air and that means pulling the sweater box down from the closet shelf, school buses on the streets (hooray!) and whether you embrace or resist it, pumpkin spice everything.  

As lifelong adult learners, it’s always back-to-school season around here, and we have much to share with you about what we’ve been up to behind the scenes for the past 12 months, as well as new ways you can learn and grow with us this Fall and beyond.

From launching private coaching to developing new online learning options to publishing tons of free content in a variety of formats, 2021 has kept us busy.

In fact, we have so many exciting things in the works, we realized it was time to bring back a more consistent way to keep you updated, which is why you’re receiving this new and improved PL Insighter – our monthly newsletter that you’ll now find in your inbox on a regular basis.

One of the things we are MOST excited about is that we have resumed IN-PERSON workshops! 🙌

We successfully and safely returned to the physical classroom for our Men’s and Women’s Retreats in April!  Since then we have led several 2-day and 3-day workshops and yearlong sessions in person (including 2 events in Hawaii) and are excited to be moving forward with our learning intensives in Iceland and Africa.

If you’ve been waiting for the time you can reconnect face-to-face with your Productive Learning community, it’s finally here and for many of us it’s brought tears of joy as we got to see (and maybe even HUG) our dear Friends In Growth (FIGs) in 3-D. Of course, safety is our top priority and we continue to track and follow local and CDC guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of all our learners.

We recently posted updates to our 2022 schedule which includes some amazing new topics and avenues of self-discovery – there’s truly something for everyone, including you! 

Explore our 2021-2022 workshop calendar here.

The rest of this month’s issue will fill you in on all the new resources and tools we have to support you in creating an extraordinary life.  We hope to see you in one of our physical or virtual classrooms soon!

Until then, make it an extraordinary month!

The Productive Learning Team


Workshop Spotlight
Building Better Relationships
November 10-14 • Tucson, AZ

Most of us have relationships that challenge us. In fact, our clients often report that relationships are the #1 thing they want help with.  That’s not surprising because there’s nothing quite like intimate connection to show us the areas in which we have opportunities to grow, and nothing that can more profoundly impact our sense of happiness and wellbeing – for better or for worse.

Creating harmonious and satisfying relationships begins with understanding who you are and how you show up in a relationship, which stems primarily from your family history.  Our history influences who we are drawn to as well as who tends to trigger us the most.  As a result, we often experience the same kind of relationships throughout our lives even though the names and faces may change.   

Building Better Relationships is a 5-day, experiential deep-dive into the dynamics of your current and past relationships.  You’ll leave equipped with an arsenal of tools to better manage your reactions to “difficult people” and create more rewarding outcomes. You will emerge with a far greater understanding of the dynamics of your current relationships, and the power and tools to affect positive change.

What you’ll discover in this workshop can be applied to all kinds of relationships, not just intimate partnerships, because ultimately – at the center of all your relationships – is YOU!

“Building Better Relationships lets you see how you really interact with others versus how you think you do. It provides a vital service to those who want the opportunity to explore their relationships and make them the best that they can be.”

–  Cary Wirth, Business Consultant / Accountant — Mission Viejo, CA

Building Better Relationships takes place from November 10-14 in Tucson, AZ. 

Click here to express your interest and learn more.

Comings and Goings

From bittersweet farewells to new faces to important milestones, we’ve had a lot to celebrate on our team over the past year.

Keep reading for all the details on how Productive Learning is evolving through changing times, and meet our extraordinary new team members, Marcella Flores and Michelle Leath.

Marcella Flores, Operations Administrator

Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s what it’s been since Marcella Flores joined our team – in fact, she celebrated her one-year anniversary with Productive Learning in September!  Marcella brings a huge heart and impeccable operations and customer service skills to our team, and she’s an incredible asset to our community.  

Fun fact about Marcella: She instigates our monthly team ‘smoothie dates’ and is obsessed with mushroom lattes.  Get to know Marcella here. 

Michelle Leath, Marketing Specialist and Coach

Michelle Leath joined our team in December and has been rocking multiple hats. Michelle has been driving most of our new Masterclasses, marketing, and client engagement efforts.  She’s also a highly skilled and certified coach with over 10 years’ experience coaching women to create nourishing and empowered lives, and is a wonderful addition to our coaching team.

Fun fact about Michelle: She has a wicked sense of humor and can spout Will Ferrell movie lines on demand.   Meet Michelle here.

We also wished a heartfelt farewell to Andy Shouse, Warren Wong and Leisa Reid who have stepped out of their daily roles to pursue the next steps on their extraordinary journeys.

While they may no longer be involved in the day-to-day at Productive Learning, Leisa is still part of our coaching team serving 1-1 clients, and all three remain a beloved part of our community and extended family, so you’re likely to see them around from time to time.

Listen to Productive Learning Podcasts On The Go

What do you do when the world has slowed down and you can’t connect with people in person like you usually do?  You start a Podcast! 

We’re delighted to introduce our “Conscious Guide To” family of podcasts, now available on Apple, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube! 

Listen in on your favorite PL trainers while they discuss their personal discoveries and challenges on the path of conscious living.  You’ll laugh, cry, and get valuable insights and tips to apply to your own life.

Conscious Girls Drink Champagne with Cassie and Alycia

Conscious Guys Get Laid More with Lindon A. and Andy

And keep an eye out for our Conscious Couples and Conscious High Achievers podcasts coming soon!   (For even more free content, check out our “Free Content” section below.)

New Free Content Every Week

From weekly Facebook Lives to Podcasts, there are so many fun and FREE ways to stay inspired on your journey to extraordinary living. 

Facebook Lives

We love connecting with our community in our private Facebook group, where we’ve been doing Facebook Lives twice a week. 

Kind of like mini-masterclasses, our Facebook Lives will give you more tools for creating an extraordinary life, plus a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of your favorite trainers!  

With a variety of topics from the practical (Crucial Conversations) to the abstract (Lessons from The Orchid) to an in-depth study of Lord Of The Rings, you just never know what they’ll come up with next. 

Hop on with us live on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or scroll around and binge-watch past episodes at your convenience!

Facebook Live with Mark Nicole – Tuesdays at 2pm PT
Facebook Live with Lindon A Crow – Thursdays at 4pm PT

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