We Appreciate You

Our appreciation is like money in your pocket!

Customer Appreciation Points = CAPs

100 CAPs points = $3

When do I get CAPs?

There are many different ways you can earn CAPs. Here’s some easy ways:

Buy a course

Every time you buy a course, coaching, retreat or anything from us, a portion of the dollars spent get banked as CAPs for you to use on later purchases

Refer a Friend

If you refer a friend to sign up for one of our paid courses, we’ll add $60 to your CAPs account

Refer an Organization

If you refer us to lead a corporate training, we’ll add $100 to your CAPs account

Assist a Workshop

Many of our workshops need assistants and you can get CAPs for helping. If your interested email Admin@ProductiveLearning.com and say, “Hey! I’d love to assist a workshop. Which ones can I do?”

How do I know how many CAPs I have?

Soon you’ll be able to see your own CAPs account (along with other cool items) online.  Until then, just shoot an email to Admin@ProductiveLearning.com and ask, “Hey! How many CAPs do I have right now?”, and we’ll get back to you right away.

When/How Can I Use My CAPs?

That’s super easy… and the fun part! CAPs can be used towards any purchase unless specifically noted.  There are a few limits depending on what you’re registering for:

Taken off Full List Price 

CAPs are taken off Full List Price of a program and cannot be combined with other discounts (except the 5% paid in full discount)

Not towards International Trips

CAPS cannot be used toward International Trips

Up to 60%  on Weekends

CAPs can be used to take up to 60% off the Full List Price of Weekend Workshops

Up to 40% on Learning Intensives

CAPs can be used to take up to 40% off the Full List Price of Learning Intensives (not International trips)

Up to 20% on Coaching 

CAPs can be used to take up to 20% off the Full List Price of other programs including Personal and Small Group Coaching Programs