Becoming Present – Mahalo Prequel


In order to gain the deepest insights and experience of living in a state of thankful gratitude (Mahalo) we realize that becoming present to the narratives in our mind that stifle us becomes necessary.  Planting the seeds of how to live in a state of Mahalo will be discovered in the Mahalo course (June 21-25), but the preparation of the soil to be free of toxins and ready for a life of rich appreciation also becomes necessary.  In this 4 day prequel participants will become fully prepared to take the teachings and experiences of the subsequent week to a more profound level.  For those of you that cannot make the prequel, don’t be too upset, there is still vast amounts of insights and knowledge to extract from the main Mahalo course.  AND, if you can join us for Becoming Present you’ll be sure to walk into the main course with a receptivity unlike any workshop you’ve experienced.


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