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Being a business owner is a privilege. It’s also a freakin’ burden! You are responsible for not only yourself, but for your clients, your staff, your contractors and even your vendors.  What is all that burden of responsibility for then? It’s not to keep building just for the sake of building. And it’s definitely not there to have you feel like you can barely get your nose above water. So what is the healthy reason to be the owner of your company?

Your business should only be one aspect of your holistically healthy life, yet most of us are consumed by it and don’t connect our business to our bigger life’s purpose.  This leads us to feel like we are always on the hamster wheel even if we may have gotten out of the Rat Race!
In our Business Owners Retreat we will create a goal for your business such that it fulfills not just your business goals, but your life’s goals.  After we define that goal and date of success, we will work on what it will take for you to be the leader that creates that outcome.  Once we define your leadership growth you’ll be put in the hot seat and the group will process you on your believability to succeed.  Be prepared to have incredible insights, constant tips and tricks and an incredible support group of other business owners!

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Mar 14 - Mar 17, 2024

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