Cultivating Wisdom (Year Long)

Adapting In The Midst Of Change

In times of change and uncertainty, be it social, environmental, economic or anywhere else in our life, it’s critical to know how to engage in the world. Even more important is to discover what has us feel certain within ourselves in the midst of all the change that’s happening. Feelings of futility, confusion, frustration even anger and deep sadness seem to come hand-in-hand with times like these. Those of us who do feel a sense of internal peace still may feel we are surrounded by relentless chaos.

The ability to adapt to our environment and thrive while maintaining our Values and Mission is easier said than done. Many times we feel we are gaining some ground in our journey towards self-mastery when suddenly a new factor (in this case massive, unexpected change) comes into play, leaving us two steps back and flat footed.

Cultivating Wisdom focuses on the ability to adapt, the wisdom to surrender to what is not in our hands, the curiosity to discover and appreciate the hidden gifts in the challenge, and also the strength to drum up the will and motivation to change where needed. This Year Long workshop guides each individual to create these distinctions, bringing with it a healthy, internal peace. No longer will we feel at the effect of life.

Southern California Dates:

Opening Weekend: May 14 (Sat) – 16 (Sun), 2021
1pm Sat  – 1pm Sun  

Monthly Meetings on Fridays from 9:30am – 12:30pm  

Jun. 122021
Jul. 172021
Aug. 142021: 9:30am  4:30pm Quarterly
Sept. 182021
Oct. 92021
Nov132021: 9:30am – 4:30pm Quarterly
Jan. 15, 2022
Feb122022: 9:30am – 4:30pm Quarterly 

Closing Weekend: Mar. 18 (Sat) – 20 (Sun)2022
1pSat – 1pm Sun  


Northern California Dates:

Opening Weekend: May 14 (Sat) – 16 (Sun), 2021
1pm Sat  – 1pm Sun

Monthly Meetings on Fridays from 10am – 1pm  

Jun. 112021
Jul. 162021
Aug. 132021: 10am  5pm Quarterly
Sept. 102021
Oct. 82021
Nov122021: 10am – 5pm Quarterly
Jan. 14, 2022
Feb112022: 10am – 5pm Quarterly 

Closing Weekend: Mar. 18 (Sat) – 20 (Sun)2022
1pSat – 1pm Sun

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Southern California:
May 14, 2021 - Mar 20, 2022
Northern California:
May 14, 2021 - Mar 20, 2022

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