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Current Communications is one of the most powerful workshops in the Productive Learning curriculum. This course is tailor-made to address your most pressing concerns about communications. We’ve added a few twists and turns which allow you to gain valuable insights into what exactly you have to say, why you want to say it and how you feel about saying it. This advanced course also deals with your internal communications and why you have them. It helps you explore the impact your internal self-dialogue is having on your life.

We provide exercises designed to improve even the most accomplished communicator’s abilities to clearly express themselves in an effective manner. Anyone who manages others or works on a team will find these exercises a valuable learning experience. It’s important that the participants get familiar with each other. There are processes that require the group to work in a “real time lab.”

What you will gain in Current Communications goes far beyond identifying your communication style. It brings a focus to the elements of your communication that cause strong reactions in others, both positive and negative.

This workshop is especially recommended for: Advancing Your Career, Finding Your Career and Overcoming Relationship Challenges.

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