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Is your life everything you dreamed it would be? It's time to take a deeper look with Beyond Reasons.

Your mind is powerful.  From our earliest years, it learns how to protect us, challenge us, grow with us.  Over the course of our lives, our mind develops patterns of behaviors, so it can focus on interpreting new situations.  It creates assumptions and unconscious habits that enable us to walk out the front door, even when the day ahead holds uncertainty.

But what happens when we outgrow those unconscious patterns?

We are left with a choice.  We can choose to continue living by our old fixed beliefs, or we can get beyond those outdated reasons and begin an exploration of personal development.

Productive Learning hosts personal development workshops designed with one aim in mind; support people in understanding themselves so that they can make conscious choices- in the moment- that generates an extraordinary experience regardless of external circumstances.

We hold this aim as sacred and vitally important to the quality of our lives. We believe that understanding ourselves to that depth is the key to unlocking the very best of ourselves and enjoying our lives in totality.

Dharma Yoga House holds the same aim. Dharma means purpose and yoga means union. They are another way to unify with purpose and they do this by way of creating community around physical health in a donation space.

There are many paths to holistic happiness and self understanding. We love supporting those who share our purpose.

A little about Dharma Yoga House:

Our roots are in Ashtanga Yoga or the 8 limb path. One of the principals on the 8 limb path is Svadhyaya or self-study.

The literal translation is “one’s own reading” meaning understanding our self is the lesson. All we can experience in our lives is our perception of reality, because of that it’s necessary that we know ourselves.

In every yoga class we bring up a concept as a lens through which people can examine themselves but it’s up to each individual to explore. In every yoga class we bring up a concept as a lens through which people can examine themselves but it’s up to each individual to explore. We believe Productive Learning will compliment and encourage the self study all our yogis seek.

There are so many ways to explore the self, we are excited to see where this path leads.

Starting the Journey: Understanding Beyond Reasons

Beyond Reasons is the cornerstone workshop for Productive Learning.  It is designed to introduce you to the thought processes that you are most likely unaware of, that prevents you from moving forward.  You do the personalized work, but we help to guide the way.

In a small workshop setting, our experienced trainers use unique exercises and group discussions to explore your view of the world.  Each participant learns from the experiences of their peers and offers insights that others, in turn, interpret for their own growth.

By the end of the powerful two-day workshop, you’ll be able to:
  • Identify unproductive thinking and behaviors
  • Recognize when you are making excuses that are counter-productive
  • Make better choices, so you can have more of what you want
  • Put your energy where you’ll get the best results
  • Embrace a better understanding of yourself, your wishes, and your dreams
  • Determine ways to make your life more meaningful and fun
  • Take any personal or professional aspect of your life up a notch

Are you ready to get to work?


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Prerequisite: Beyond Reasons

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