Relationship Dynamics

Our relationship dynamics are a key component to our happiness and success

It only takes one conscious person to create an extraordinary relationship. And when we say conscious, we mean a person who is aware of themselves; their habits, patterns, assumptions and what they project on to others.

Success in a relationship is not about understanding the other person, it is about understanding yourself.

In this highly experiential workshop, you will discover the unconscious patterns that govern your behavior in relationships. You choose the relationship on which you would most like to focus: intimate relationships, family dynamics, business partnerships, clients, etc.

You will get a real-time, direct experience of how your subconscious assumptions regulate your relationships. How? Because we put you in a relationship for the weekend! You explore your dynamics through how you relate to others, how you make decisions and choices when considering or not considering others.

When you take “Relationship Dynamics” with our trainers, you will learn:
  • How your unconscious beliefs influence your behavior in relationships
  • How to catch your thinking in the moment and how to redirect yourself for more fulfilling relationship dynamics
  • How to focus your energy in a way that facilitates the influence you want to have in your current relationships
  • To build a strategy to implement your discoveries and create extraordinary experiences in even your most problematic relationships

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Mission Viejo, CA:
Mar 19 - Mar 20, 2022

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