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We spend more than a decade in school learning the basics of reading, writing, and listening. But, that’s not enough for an extraordinary life. There is so much more to communication, and so much more “extraordinary” available to you when you master it.

Express yourself – your thoughts, ideas, and needs – clearly and effectively. Eliminate misunderstandings, strengthen relationships, navigate conflict more smoothly, and diffuse tense situations. Create positive and harmonious environments by fostering trust, cooperation, and collaboration.

Effective communication is the bedrock of nearly everything in life. So, let’s build more clarity, possibilities, and agency in our lives! Jump start the expansion of your communication mastery by joining us in Effective Communications Small Group Coaching!

Led by Senior Trainer Mark Nicole.

Workshop Start: 1 Hour a week for 12 weeks (Cohorts starting in January, May and September)
Tuition Covers: Weekly Virtual Group Coaching and (3) 30 min 1v1 Coaching
Meeting Details: Zoom meeting links provided by the Coach

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