Emotionally Intelligent Conversations

Master yourself and your communication

The mastery of language and the art of interpersonal dynamics are the key factors in creating the most important things you want in life. We cannot achieve any form of success in life without these skills, yet when do we take the time to build up their strength? The combination of mastering one’s emotional intelligence (EQ) coupled with being able to utilize that EQ through communication and language is essential in our development. Without it we cannot exceed the current state in which we find ourselves, we are destined only to repeat it.


This workshop is held online over 3 live training sessions plus 2 small group coaching sessions:

  • 10/31- Opening Session #1 – 9am-1pm
  • Small group coaching session either 11/6 or 11/9 – timing to be determined prior to workshop
  • 11/14 – Session #2 – 9am-1pm
  • Small group coaching session either 11/16 or 11/17 – timing to be determined prior to workshop
  • 11/21 – Closing Session #3 – 1pm-5pm

In the communication facet of this workshop, we will focus on the intent with each and every communication. The intent is more about where you are coming from and not so much about the content of what you say. It is about presentation but that is largely governed by intent so when the intent is on track with the ideals then most likely the presentation will be in line with that.

In the Emotional intelligence (EQ) facet of the workshop, you will enhance your ability to recognize your own and other people’s emotions, understand the powerful effect of these emotions, and use that information to guide thinking and behavior.

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Prerequisite: Beyond Reasons.

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