Discover what you need to break out of the constraints of your mind

Why do any of us choose a path of personal growth? Why question our thinking and challenge what we believe to be true? Our lives aren’t bad. There is nothing truly wrong so why risk making ourselves uncomfortable? Why disrupt what, in many ways, is working quite well?

Because intuitively we know we are carrying around a lot more than we need to. We carry around assumptions and preconceived notions about the world and ourselves that burden us, that weigh us down and hold us back from the life and experience we envision. Intuitively we know the cost of carrying around our old, outdated stories and we know we are so much more vital living in the updated truth of today.

Why? Because we want to feel the freedom that comes when we lighten the load!

Join us for En”LIGHTEN”ment. In this retreat oriented workshop, you will take time for yourself to identify and contemplate the weight of your unconscious assumptions and their impact on your life. You will discover what you need to break out of the constraints of your mind and experience the exciting truth of who you are. You will leave feeling lighter and freer than ever before.

Tuition covers: workshop, accommodations based on double occupancy at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, tax and self-parking

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Long Beach, CA:
Jun 10 - Jun 12, 2022

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