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Emotional Intelligence is defined as “the ability, capacity or skill to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others and of groups.” In essence, EQ is actually the way in which you interact with people, and how you relate to them.

Every person deals with relationships and situations in their own way. Emotions are truly specific to the individual and find their roots in the upbringing and personality of that person. People will react differently to the same situation. In this year-long, we will look at how our reactions and emotions form the platform for our character. When all is in sync, we can use this understanding of our EQ to create the extraordinary thinking we need to live the life of our dreams.

Dive into the five pillars of Emotional Intelligence and transform your relationship dynamics to support your ideal life: Self-awareness and control, Empathy, Social Expertness, Personal Influence, and Mastery of Vision.


Northern California Dates:
Apr. 23 (Saturday) – 24 (Sunday), 2022: 9am – 5pm Opening Weekend
May 21, 2022 (Saturday): 9am – 12pm Monthly #1
Jun. 25, 2022 (Saturday): 9am – 12pm Monthly #2
Jul. 23, 2022 (Saturday): 9am – 4pm Quarterly #3
Aug. 27, 2022 (Saturday): 9am – 12pm Monthly #4
Sept. 24, 2022 (Saturday): 9am – 12pm Monthly #5
Oct. 22, 2022 (Saturday): 9am – 4pm Quarterly #6
Nov. 19, 2022 (Saturday): 9am – 12pm Monthly #7
Dec. 17, 2022 (Saturday): 9am – 12pm Monthly #8
Jan. 28, 2023 (Saturday): 9am – 4pm Quarterly #9
Feb. 25 (Saturday) – 26 (Sunday), 2023: 9am – 5pm Closing Weekend

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Northern California:
Apr 23, 2022 - Feb 26, 2023

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