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China! With its immense geographical stretches and long reaches into ancient history, China holds some of the most extraordinary accomplishments and feats of imagination this world has to offer. From the millennia-old Great Wall to the mysterious Forbidden City, to the soft and lovable panda bears, there is so much to explore. While experiencing these incredible treasures one has to begin to question how these people must have been thinking to envision creations so far beyond the ordinary. What would we be able to create if we could more easily imagine something EXTRAORDINARY in our future and remove the fear and resistance to pursuing it? When we look back at the end of the year or the end our life, will we find that we’ve created something truly remarkable? Wouldn’t you like to?!

Being inspired by others is key to unleashing this innate power that resides in all of us. Seeing and experiencing firsthand some of the greatest wonders of the world builds our muscle of inquisitiveness that unveils opportunities for our own extraordinary growth and creation! Join this 10-day adventure in creating our Extraordinary Thinking as we explore China!

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