From Anxiety to Empowerment

Learn to dive deep into the present and release fear and anxiety

You wish you didn’t worry as much as you do but you just can’t seem to stop. Worrying feels familiar, responsible, and keeps you motivated.If you didn’t worry things might really get bad. Worrying keeps you safe and prepared for the dangers of life. Worrying protects you.

So, how is it working? Do you feel safe and secure as a result of all your worries or do you feel stressed, tired, anxious, uncertain and more worried than ever?

When you take “From Anxiety to Empowerment”, you will learn how to:
  • Address worries in various areas of life: money, relationships, work, health
  • Shift the thinking that you think makes you safe and only generates more worry
  • Focus on opportunities and action
With the insight of experienced trainers, you will learn how to:
  • Identify behaviors that generate stress and find ways of doing things that create more peace
  • Embrace uncertainty and focus on what is in your power

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Apr 18 - Apr 19

Prerequisite: Beyond Reasons

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