Harnessing Motivation


What motivates you to take action? Beyond basic pleasure or pain, each of us has developed a number of subconscious factors that prompt us to proceed from thought to action. Knowing what moves you to act is a powerful tool for achievement. Personal Motivation is not a course about WHAT you want, but what makes you go out and get it. If you’ve ever wondered why it is sometimes difficult to motivate yourself, this course will provide you with the concrete information you need to have more consistency and control.

People frequently have objections about what it takes to motivate them. Sometimes they view these motivating factors as undesirable. If we remove these objections, they can regain their value as positive motivating tools. By knowing how to “defuse” any objections you may have, you can use this information to “get yourself moving” after you leave the course. Your procrastination may simply be a matter of getting past your objections about what truly motivates you.

Becoming aware of what moves you to action will also enable you to develop additional methods of self-motivation. This course will improve your ability to make the necessary distinctions needed in determining the most effective motivational method for a given situation.

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