Life Patterns Advanced

Identify your repetitive life habits and build a strategy for moving beyond them

Etched into our brain by instincts and experiences are patterns that will guide our actions and reactions throughout our lives. From early on in our lives we accumulate experiences and assess them according to how we feel. As life goes on, we begin to experience similar events that refine and reinforce our earlier conclusions. It’s not long before habits are formed, freeing us from the need to pay close attention and to choose our responses. We begin to live our life according to habit. These habits work together to form patterns in our life that will later show up in our jobs, relationships, social life and more.

Life Patterns Advanced is an advanced course for people who have spent some time studying themselves and their lives. This course is not for everyone. It requires a willingness to look through the least enjoyable parts of your history, and examine the patterns you’ve formed. Its purpose is to expose the patterns in our lives that are keeping us from having what we want. With that awareness, we can build a strategy for change that will attack the very unconsciousness that is keeping those unproductive patterns alive.

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