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Aloha is the most recognized word in the Hawaiian language. Outside of the Islands and for those visiting the islands the generally accepted use is as a simple greeting or salutation. Typically with an intended warmth or hospitality.

But to the native Hawaiian, the word is much more complex and meaningful and has no real English equivalent. It expresses a sentiment that would include love, compassion, kindness, open heart. The expression is inclusive, erasing the differences between people and recognizing that we are all connected and sharing this earth together. The spirit of Aloha guides us to Pono (to do what is right) and respect for life.

This workshop gives the participants an opportunity to tap into these rich Hawaiian values and dive deep into their own lives to find the application, guidance and functional wisdom.Opening ourselves up to the richness of unfamiliar cultures and examining our lives via the values held by them offers the opportunity for a profound transformative experience.

Your life goes where your mind takes it. So many try to transform their lives with building awareness of themselves and although that is crucial to the process of self-growth the true transformation happens through experience. We have to experience ourselves holistically different than our conditioned mind expects. We need to engage our environment mentally, emotionally, and physically in a new way. It is then and only then that our minds take our life in a completely new direction.

The experience of “Living With Aloha” will create a deep and meaningful shift in how you see yourself and the world. Join us and your life will flow in new and extraordinary ways.

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