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Jump Start Your Dreams: Remove Resistance and Achieve Your Dreams

Personal Coaching from Productive Learning Coaches

We are excited to add the newest offering to our menu of transformational opportunities – personal coaching!

We have been fortunate to work with over 15,000 people since the beginning of Productive Learning, and we heard it over and over – can I get personal coaching?  Finally, we are making that available.


What makes this different?

This program is designed to empower the specific learning and growth YOU need to achieve your dreams & goals.

In a workshop, we tell you the outcomes – here, we work with you personally in this small group setting, to uncover what is keeping you from achieving your intentions, and point you to the exact tool needed to move past it.

You will:

Declare your goal or intention
Design a plan of action to achieve that goal
Meet weekly with your coach & small group to explore the results you’ve gotten as you take those actions
Get personal coaching to see the information available from those results
Adjust your actions or your plan to the most productive option available
Be guided to the internal growth needed to take those new actions


Powerful coaches support your goals

Our coaches for this program have nearly 40 years of combined experience in the tools of Life Success that Productive Learning offers.  Nothing will be held back.

Every week, you’ll have a one-hour small group session where you will assess your Self Mastery from the previous week and declare new actions & outcomes for the upcoming week.

In between sessions, you’ll have the entire group to reach out to for support, as well as direct email access to your coach.

In addition to the weekly, small-group sessions and email support,  each month, you will schedule a 30-min 1-on-1 call with your coach.  You can use this time to forward your objective, or to deal with any area of life where you need support in the moment.


What do you truly want?

We’ve designed this program to provide you with the support, coaching, and growth opportunities you need to move beyond where you are now in life.

If you want to create a real transformation in what’s possible, this program is for you.


What You’ll Get When You Join The Make The Leap Coaching Program

In this 3-month program, you will engage in deep exploration and discovery of what it will take for you to accelerate towards your dreams. There is something extraordinary waiting right around the corner, join this group to get a “jump start” on your dreams.

Weekly Group Sessions

Group calls will be an opportunity to point our attention inward with curiosity and to solicit group creativity and feedback.

1-to-1 Coaching

Conversations where you and your coach will explore new territory to gain new insights and fresh connections in the moment.

Email Access

Connect in between scheduled sessions with your coach and peers via email through out the program.

Private Support Group

This is a safe place to feel supported and challenged and gain accountability from your coach and peer group.

Structured Focus

Your focus will be specific to your learning agenda and this program is structured to support the accomplishment of your goals.

Unlimited Access

You will have unlimited access to all videos and program content as they are released throughout the course.



Click the Registration link and fill out your application today!

Workshop Start: 1 Hour a week for 12 weeks (Cohorts starting in January, May and September)
Tuition Covers:
Weekly Virtual Group Coaching and (3) 30 min 1v1 Coaching
Meeting Details:
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