Masquerade of Authenticity


Under Article 9 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a state may “at any time and without having to explain its decision” declare any member of a diplomatic staff persona non grata. A person so declared is considered unacceptable and is usually recalled to his or her home nation.

In matters of personal well-being, which personas of ours are no longer welcome or are deemed unnecessary for our own personal mission?

Personas are valuable tools when used with tact and mindfulness. Our business persona maybe very effective in the conference room but is persona non grata in our romantic relationships.

This powerful three-day workshop will explore our personas and the criteria for which they are most effective. We will also explore where and how our unconscious mind develops personas as a way of protection in areas where we do not truly need protection. Having this understanding will empower you to choose which persona is most effective in the given situation rather than being run by your persona.

Join us as we flip the script, so that we are no longer run by our persona but rather use them to our ultimate benefit relative to our mission.

Tuition covers: workshop, accommodations based on double occupancy at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, tax and self-parking

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Mar 11 - Mar 13, 2022

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