Nourished Essentials: Small Group Coaching for Women

Bring Peace and Empowerment to your Relationship With Food and Body

Our relationship with food and our body is the longest term relationship we will ever have, and it often has a direct connection with how fulfilled we feel in our lives. So how is that relationship for you? Is it one of peace and nourishment, or is it fraught with confusion, stress and toxicity?

This small group coaching program aims to clean the slate and build a healthy, vibrant and nourishing relationship between you, food and your body. It is said that how you do one thing is how you do everything, which makes your relationship with food fertile ground for self-discovery, growth, and transformation on a broader level.

This is NOT your normal diet and nutritional coaching program. We won’t be prescribing food plans or measuring ounces. We’ll be looking not at “what to eat”, but at who YOU are as an eater. Over 12 weeks, you’ll be guided and supported in understanding your past beliefs and behaviors around food and body image; increasing your awareness of physical, mental and emotional cues in the present; and moving toward a self-generated vision of deep nourishment not just with food, but in body, mind and spirit.

Workshop Start: 1 Hour a week for 12 weeks (Cohorts starting in January, May and September)
Tuition Covers: Weekly Virtual Group Coaching and (1) 30 min 1v1 Coaching
Meeting Details: Zoom meeting links provided by the Coach 

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