Path of Dialogue

Path of Dialogue:
When High Stakes, Strong Emotions, and Opposing Opinions are the ingredients to a conversation… It’s going to be a bumpy ride!
But does it have to be?
Most of us walk through life bumping from one communication to the next, without realizing the power of what a conversation can do.  The alignment of you with your message in harmony with the other person in your conversation can create incredible business productivity, deeply intimate and personal connections along with exceptionally joyful and fulfilling experiences in everyday conversations.  And yet, too often we are overcome with aspects of life that make us too emotional and in opposition to the people we are dealing with.  Add on top of what’s at stake in the conversations and relationship is hugely valuable, namely, experiencing love in relationships and success in business (to name a few).
In Path Of Dialogue you’ll discover what triggers the worst of you in your most challenging conversations and learn how to not only soothe yourself to get back to neutral where you can have a productive conversation, you’ll also learn how to support the other person in your conversation who could be triggered, to bring them back to neutral.   That way, everyone gets to the best of themselves even in the most challenging and crucial of conversations.
Join us for this remarkably insightful retreat filled with tools to help you become a most powerful communicator in every conversation!

Zoom Workshop: 4x 3 Hour Sessions
Oct. 18, Oct. 25, Nov. 1, Nov. 8th
1pm-4pm each day

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