1-on-1 Private Coaching


New to Coaching? It’s all about YOU.

Unlike our workshops, in a coaching relationship, you bring the topic and agenda for each session. You can discuss any area of your life that you wish. Our coaches understand that you have everything you need to move your life forward, so rather than give advice your coach will ask you powerful questions to help you discover your own solutions and unpack what you are learning about yourself.

During each session, your coach will also support you in staying true to your vision, as well as offer insight, encouragement, expertise and tools when appropriate, quite often helping you see and achieve possibilities far beyond what you could envision for yourself!

Coaching is also unlike a traditional “counseling” approach in that it’s not about healing past traumas.  While your past is valuable to understand, rather than continually looking back your coach will guide you in consciously creating your life from this day forward.

Your coach can help you…

-Create a clear and compelling vision for your life or business
-Integrate and apply your learning from workshops
-Grow your emotional intelligence*
-Develop an action plan to achieve your goals
-Communicate more authentically
-Move through fear and resistance
-Apply your tools in real-life challenges
-Bring awareness to unconscious assumptions and blind spots
-Navigate triggers and conflict with grace
-Create your extraordinary life!

Your private coach serves as a partner in increasing your self-awareness, introducing you to crucial mindset shifts, empowering you with valuable tools, and most importantly providing the accountability you need to follow through… AND they’ll be there to celebrate with you when you do!


How It Works

Executive and Private Coaching is tailor made for every individual that is ready to challenge themselves to create extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives.

Executive and Private Coaching programs are offered by application only.

-Step 1:  Express your interest by submitting your name and email on the registration page.
-Step 2:  Schedule your discovery call and we will reach out to you to discuss your goals for coaching, identify which package best meets your needs, and answer any questions you may have. (There is absolutely no obligation with this complimentary call.)
-Step 3:  Complete a simple intake form.
-Step 4:  Experience a powerful call designed to help you select the right coach and best package for you!

Workshop Start: At your desired start date and cadence
Tuition and what it Covers:  $350/hr for Virtual Coaching
Meeting Details: Zoom meetings scheduled by the participant through our scheduling link

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