Reframe to Reclaim

Consciously Rewrite Your Narrative

Unveil the New Chapter of Your Life with “Reframe to Reclaim: Consciously Rewrite Your Narrative”! 

Ever felt trapped by the story of your past? Do the old chapters haunt your present and cast shadows over the unfolding plot of your future? Dive into a life-altering experience that will not only challenge the storyline of your identity but also set you on a path to rewrite it! Our groundbreaking narrative workshop, “Reframe to Reclaim,” beckons you to become the author of your own tale, tearing down antiquated beliefs and obliterating self-imposed plot barriers. This isn’t merely a workshop; it’s a revolution in story crafting for your soul.

Turn the Page to Possibilities! Immerse yourself in the world of cognitive re-patterning, powerful storytelling techniques, and experiential exercises. Venture deep into the archives of your history to unearth new storylines and adopt healthier plot points. Our expert facilitators, skilled in the art of story, will collaborate with you as co-authors, helping you edit out the ink stains of regret and draft vibrant chapters rich in empowerment and hope. By the climax of “Reframe to Reclaim,” your past won’t just be a series of events; it’ll be a carefully curated story with you as the empowered protagonist. Embrace this unparalleled chance to dictate the narrative of your life and become the hero of your own epic tale!

Opening Weekend: May 3-5, 2024 (lodging included, Southern California)

Opening session begins at 1pm on Friday, May 3rd and ends Sunday, May 5th at 1pm.

Closing Weekend: March 28-30, 2025 (lodging included, Northern California)
Closing session begins at 1pm on Friday, March 28th and ends Sunday, March 30th at 1 pm.

Northern California Dates (San Rafael):
Monthly Meetings:
Fridays from 9:30am-12:30pm
Jun. 14, 2024
Jul. 12, 2024
Aug. 9, 2024: 10am – 5pm Quarterly
Sept. 13, 2024
Oct. 25, 2024
Nov. 22, 2024: 10am – 5pm Quarterly
Jan. 3, 2025
Feb. 7, 2025
Feb. 28, 2025: 10am – 5pm Quarterly

Southern California Dates (Mission Viejo):
Monthly Meetings:
Saturdays from 9:30am-12:30pm
Jun. 15, 2024
Jul. 13, 2024
Aug. 10, 2024: 9:30am – 4:30pm Quarterly
Sept. 14, 2024
Oct. 26, 2024
Nov. 23, 2024: 9:30am – 4:30pm Quarterly
Jan. 4, 2025
Feb. 8, 2025
Mar. 1, 2025: 9:30am – 4:30pm Quarterly

The Opening, Quarterlies and the Closing are in Person / Monthlies and Bonus Sessions (Bonus Dates to come) are on Zoom.

Tuition Covers: Hotel Lodging based on double occupancy for the opening and closing weekends, light refreshments for in person meetings; Flights and Meals on own

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Northern California:
May 3, 2024 - Mar 30, 2025
Southern California:
May 3, 2024 - Mar 30, 2025

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