Time for Intention

Use the immense power of the unconscious mind to create the life of your dreams

Our experience of life reflects the totality of our thoughts/beliefs and what we say/do. We may wish, hope or plan for some future goal but then we find ourselves in reaction to what is happening around us. At that point our intention is now more defined by the triggered reaction and beliefs than it is by our dreams and goals. In this format, we are continuously working out of a reaction to the world.

What if we lived like this:

We think about what really matters and what to do, then,
We act based on what really matters, then,
Life delivers us an experience that reflects our dreams

Our power to create what we want is limited by our lack of mastering proactive conscious intentions. Seems so easy, right!? Then why are we not living out our goals and dreams?

Time for Intention is power-packed 3-day retreat dedicated to helping you be the proactive creator of your life. You will learn how to use the immense power of the unconscious mind to create the life of your dreams! We will cover how the dueling intentions in our mind stop us from creating that ideal life, and then develop a level of mastery towards creating positive, emotionally charged intentions!


1pm start on March 17th 2023 – 1pm end on March 19th 2023
Lodging Included in Tuition


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Morro Bay, CA:
Mar 17 - Mar 19, 2023

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